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Podcast Spectrum | Deutsche Welle
Podcast Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

Spectrum | Deutsche Welle


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  • Should we be breaking the law to save the climate?
    We need drastic action to protect our planet — there’s no question about that. The question is whether disruptive acts of civil disobedience cause that to happen more quickly or more slowly.
  • Weekly roundup — Something unique & beautiful
    How much of your character was formed by the time you were born? Also, you can make breathtaking art and literature... just by typing a few words.
  • AI is here, and you should use it
    Powerful AI software is now available to the public. And there are some very compelling reasons to try it out yourself.
  • The genetic basis of your personality
    Could we scan someone's DNA and figure what kind of person they are?
  • Weekly roundup — We're different now
    The pandemic has permanently altered our immune systems — and some pretty fundamental aspects of who we are.

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