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Podcast Spectrum | Deutsche Welle

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  • What we can learn from a pile of poo in a salt mine
    Nearly 3,000 years ago, someone in an Austrian mine pulled down their trousers — and gave scientists an astonishing glimpse into their rich culture.
  • A vaccine for cancer?
    Yes, there really is a cancer vaccine being tested in Europe and the US right now. So who is it for, and when will we (hopefully) see it in hospitals? Also, should we feed antibiotics to wild mice to stop the spread of Lyme disease?
  • Weekly roundup — Space sex & COVID-19
    How do astronauts deal with their sex drives when they're up in space for months on end? And why is it so embarrassing to even ask that question? Also, mRNA vaccines have, in very rare cases, led to a treatable heart condition called myocarditis — and scientists may have figured out why.
  • When do side effects happen from COVID-19 vaccines?
    Side effects from COVID-19 vaccines are really, really rare. But, if you're one of the unlucky ones, when would you find out? Also, the "supermarket question" has now been answered, and a few dozen mice had BioNTech-Pfizer injected right into their tails — and may have helped solve the heart inflammation mystery.
  • Weekly roundup — What screens are doing to us
    What is "Zoom dysmorphia," and why are doctors in the US seeing so many cases of it? Also, new data show that kids are spending up to 30 hours a week staring at screens — and that might be OK.

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