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  • Judson Brewer, MD, PhD | Unwinding Unhealthy Habits
    Whether it’s the struggle to reduce screen time or the battle against overeating sugar, many of us know how hard it is to kick unhelpful habits. And according to Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, the best-selling author of The Craving Mind, it’s not so much about willpower as it is about mindfulness. On this episode, the director of research and innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center explains what happens in the brain when we break and form habits. He also shares habit-mapping tools, acronyms and reframing techniques that can help anyone take better control of their behaviors — for good.   Learn MoreWatch Dr Jud’s famous TED Talk and download his mindfulness apps on his website.Explore more of his research through his books, The Craving Mind and Unwinding Anxiety.Make a habit out of making good habits — check out this Trained episode featuring behavior scientist BJ Fogg.
  • Chandra Cheeseborough | A Running Legacy
    Though rarely talked about today, the Tigerbelles, Tennessee State University’s women’s track and field team, is one of the most accomplished sports clubs in the state’s history. During the reign of legendary coach Ed Temple, the all-Black team produced 40 Olympic athletes who took home 23 medals — many while living in the Jim Crow South pre-Title IX. One of those barrier-breaking sprinters is Olympic gold medalist and TSU track and field director Chandra Cheeseborough, or Coach Cheese. On this episode, she recounts stories of her time as a Tigerbelle and shares how Ed Temple impacted her as an athlete and highly successful coach. She also tells us how she’s keeping the history of the club alive and shares advice for other athletes hoping to leave a mark. Learn MoreTake a deeper look at the Tigerbelle’s history and lasting impact.Inspired by athletes who break barriers? Hear Arshay Cooper tell the story of the first all-Black high school rowing team in the U.S.Look (almost) as fly as the Tigerbelles in Nike’s track and field gear.
  • Sloane Stephens | Turning a Setback into a Comeback
    In 2017, Sloane Stephens didn’t just secure her first Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open. She did it after an injury benched her for 11 months and sunk her world ranking, earning her the World Tennis Association’s Comeback Player of the Year award. On this episode, she tells us how she maintains a positive mindset in the face of obstacles and how she’s become a champion of change in the cyberbullying space. She also describes the unconventional training regimen that took her from surgery to victory and why having an identity outside of sports can make anyone a stronger athlete.Learn MoreRead more about Sloane’s work to prevent cyberbullying.See how she’s inspiring others to pick up a racket through the Sloane Stephens Foundation.Serve up a fresh look for your next match with Nike Tennis, then see how Nike is elevating women athletes.
  • No Off-Season Episode 9 | Michelle Wie West | What Makes a Champion?
    Golfer Michelle Wie West reflects on her mental health journey over the course of her extraordinary and groundbreaking career. From 10-year-old phenom to U.S Women’s Open champion to emerging industry leader, Michelle has witnessed, and been at the center of a mental health evolution in her sport. She shares what’s kept her grounded and what she’s learned about tenderness, resolve and raising her own voice along the way.
  • Kelly Starrett, DPT | The Fundamentals of Fitness
    Becoming your most athletic self isn’t just about going harder, lifting heavier or running faster. According to Kelly Starrett, a doctor of physical therapy, improving your performance starts with nailing the basics. On this episode, the CrossFit trainer and co-founder of The Ready State tells us how to build a solid fitness foundation by maximizing our movement and mobility. He explains the basic skills that can help prevent injury and how they’re consistently utilized across all areas of sport and fitness. He also breaks down how anyone can stay fit — in or out of the gym.Learn MoreWant to be coached by Kelly? Check out The Ready State.Go in-depth on Kelly’s philosophies with his bestselling book, Becoming a Supple Leopard.Get more CrossFit training tips from Chandler Smith’s Trained episode, then check out this article on the Nike Coaching Hub for more mobility guidance.

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