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  • Conscious Parenting
    The advice Melanie gives all the time as a parent of a 19 and 22-year-old is "don't blink" because if you do, you miss it, it goes by in an instant.We do a lot of podcasts here at Healthy Children on parenting tips and ways we could be better parents and ways to keep our kids healthy and safe.But what about being a conscious parent? These days with so many distractions and cell phones, we are not very present. The advice Melanie gives all the time as a parent of a 19 and 22-year-old is "don't blink" because if you do, you miss it, it goes by in an instant. Pediatrician and medical geneticist, Dr. Bob Saul has been guiding parents and their children’s physical, behavioral, and mental care for over 40 years.  Dr. Bob Saul developed the Parental Awareness Threshold, a simple framework that guides parents and guardians to actively parent with self-awareness, empathy, and compassion. Dr. Saul has been a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics since 1982.He joins Melanie today to discuss the importance of raising community-oriented children, radical empathy, and teaching our kids to be good citizens! These ideas are all based on his most recent book,  "Conscious Parenting: Using the Parental Awareness Threshold."
  • EP 1115B - Ovarian Cancer & Women's Health
    Ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers and the ninth most common cancer among women.Ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers, and the ninth most common cancer among women, according to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Approximately one in every 78 women will develop ovarian cancer during her lifetime, and one in 108 will die from it. Do you know the subtle early warning signs?We’re talking about ovarian cancer, often called the “silent killer” because, until recently, its subtle early symptoms were not recognized. The often-overlooked early warning symptoms include:-Pelvic or abdominal pain-Difficulty eating for feeling full quickly-Feeling an urgency to urinate-Frequent urination-Less common early symptoms include fatigue, indigestion, back pain, pain with intercourse, constipation, and menstrual irregularity.Joining us today is Michael Swor, MD, FPMRS. He is a leading gynecologist who has been serving women of all ages from in and around Sarasota, Florida, for over 25 years. He founded Swor Women’s Care to provide high-quality, patient-focused gynecological care for every stage of a woman’s life. He is committed to helping each patient improve and protect their overall health and well-being. Outside of his practice, Dr. Swor enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren and making the most of the Sarasota community.
  • EP 1,115 News of the Week
    Every week, Dr. Roizen discusses the latest health headlines YOU need to know.Dr. Roizen talks about the latest health headlines that YOU need to know.   Is there a link between statins & muscle pain? Over 60% of adult ER visits are for patients with chronic disease  8 benefits of cabbage  Eating ultra-processed foods ups colorectal cancer risk  9% of teens cyber bully themselves PLUS so much more...  
  • Healing From The Inside Out: Gut Health Tips & Tricks
    When it comes to healthy eating, the two biggest excuses Dr. Friedman hears are "I just can't afford to eat healthily," and "I'm just too busy and don't have the time to cook at home."When it comes to healthy eating, the two biggest excuses Dr. Friedman hears are "I just can't afford to eat healthily," and "I'm just too busy and don't have the time to cook at home."In this episode, Dr. Carolyn Williams shatters both of these excuses. A lot of processed and convenient foods available at grocery stores and at restaurants are inflammatory to the gut and can contribute to disease. Her new book, Meals that Heal: One Pot gives you over a hundred anti-inflammatory quick fix affordable recipes for your stovetop, sheet pan, Instapot, and air fryer. She shares some genius meal prep hacks that make healthy eating fun, affordable, and convenient. Food is medicine. SPONSORED BY CARDIOMIRACLE: The most advanced heart-healthy nitric oxide booster in the world, with 50+ whole food nutrients. [use promo code "CardioNow!" for 20% discount] Dr. Williams is a leading culinary nutrition expert in James Beard journalism award winner who's developed a knack for breaking down complex science into quick, reader-friendly tips. In addition, she's a sought-after speaker on anti-inflammatory eating and managing chronic inflammation through lifestyle.To learn more or get your copy of Meals that Heal: One Pot go to
  • The Power of Play
    Play is important to child development.Play is important to child development. It should be a priority in children’s lives.Why Play is Priority Play with caregivers, peers and teachers affects brain structure and function. Playful learning is a fundamental part of healthy development. Play helps develop the safe, nurturing relationships with parents and caregivers to mitigate toxic stress and promote resilience. Fifty percent of parents don’t go outside to play with their children. Thirty percent of kindergartens don’t have recess--a sacrifice made in order to focus on testing skills. Unsafe outdoor conditions often lead children to stay indoors with screens.Toys are fantastic for developing problem-solving ability. Parents may limit the child’s interactions by telling the child how to play. You can ask prompting questions if the child seems stuck, but let the youngster resolve the toy.Listen as Dr. Michael Yogman joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss the importance of play.

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