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KCRW Bodies

Podcast KCRW Bodies
Podcast KCRW Bodies

KCRW Bodies


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  • Something Extra
    Kelly was in her 20s in the 1980s and she was determined enjoy sex without shame...until she got an STI she’d never heard of. And so she married the first person who accepted her. When stigma is all around, it can take decades to  break free and find pleasure.
  • Trailer: Season 3
    Season 3 of Bodies coming September 22, 2021.Read the transcript below: RIVER GALLO: I was taken in by something. Something swooped me. ALLISON BEHRINGER: This season on Bodies, we bring you 6 new episodes. Stories that unearth the mysteries within LILL: It was something that I just buried, uh, because the contradiction was too painful. ALLISON: And stories that investigate the forces outside of us. BERTHA MARTINEZ: When the miscarriages started, you know, happening a lot, it seemed more like a – it didn't seem like a coincidence anymore.  AYDE BRAVOS: This soil has to be contaminated. Because you know, where I'm from, everything's contaminated. ALLISON: What it means to face stigma, BRUCE: They think if you're a druggie that, you know, you're just garbage.  ALLISON: And reject ideas of normal.   REBECCA COKLEY: Why would I want to be an average? I don't understand this desire to be like y'all. RIVER: And maybe there was a fear in that– of like, not knowing how I would be different.  ALLISON: Stories about how to give care, LILL: You know, like your life is so precious, you know, your life was just in my hands. It's so precious. ALLISON: And what happens when we come together. EVA RAMIREZ: Cuando nos prenden la mecha a explotamos, explotamos y hacemos mucho ruido. [When they turn on the wick we explode, explode and make a lot of noise.]  ALLISON: And, what it means to thrive. KELLY: Oh my god, I'm gonna get laid, I think I think I'm gonna get laid. ALLISON: Bodies, Season 3, from KCRW... coming this fall September 22. Subscribe now. LILL: I’ll be emailing the mayor about your ass, believe that.
  • Special Programming from Bodies Podcast
    KCRW’s Bodies podcast is a documentary show about medical mysteries. Each episode follows one person’s story to uncover the forces that shape their health. Host Allison Behringer guides us through two stories in this one hour special.
  • Listen to Appearances
    From the brand new podcast Appearances, by Sharon Mashihi, we bring you “Episode 04: Last Ditch Effort.” Appearances is an audio mind trip about an Iranian American woman, the family she carries around in her head, and the family that she wants to have. Listen and subscribe.
  • Changing Shape
    Nico is obsessed with counting calories. But this compulsion to monitor food doesn’t line up with how they see themself. Why does Nico want parts of their body to disappear? Why isn’t eating disorder treatment working?

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