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Wake Up to Money

Podcast Wake Up to Money
Podcast Wake Up to Money

Wake Up to Money


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  • Double Oil Seven
    Sean will be looking at the latest in the petrol pump panic and asking a consumer psychologist why so many of us can't help panic buying in a crisis. Plus can Bond save cinema?
  • Problems at the pump
    The government is to suspend competition law to allow oil firms to target fuel deliveries at petrol stations following recent panic buying.
  • Running on Empty
    As driver shortages lead to fuel shortages at the forecourt, Felicity Hannah asks what impact that could have on supply chains. She also tries to get answers to your questions on collapsed energy suppliers. Meanwhile, as the Bank of England warns inflatuion could pass the 4% mark, Felicity will be discussing what that could mean for interest rates.
  • Powering Down
    Avro Energy and Green are the latest energy companies to fall victim to the rising cost of wholesale gas. It means one and a half million customers have lost their energy company in the last two weeks. The government thinks it should be easier to ask for flexible working. Sean hears from a couple of bosses on either side of the divide And what will happen when furlough ends in a week's time? #WakeUpToMoney With Sean Farrington
  • A Special Relationship?
    Sean looks at the latest on the energy crisis and whether the deal done to safeguard CO2 supplies will be enough to prevent shortages. A damning report into the scandal which meant thousands of women missed out on state pension payments because of government mistakes And why we could soon have more rights to ask for flexible working. It's hoped new rules will protect women, disabled people and working parents. #WakeUpToMoney With Sean Farrington

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