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Millionaires Unveiled

Millionaires Unveiled

Podcast Millionaires Unveiled
Podcast Millionaires Unveiled

Millionaires Unveiled


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  • 204: Net Worth of 2.3M - "My Risk Tolerance is a Big Part of My Success"
    Trae has a net worth of $2.3 Million. Of the 2.3M, 80% is invested in a small business software startup. Trae also has investments in the stock market, real estate, and crypto. He discusses his interest in small business and software, how he started in real estate, and how his high risk tolerance has influenced his financial success. Trae shares advice on lines of credit, work/life balance, financial independence, and his goals for the future.
  • 203: Net Worth of 1.3M and 300K - A Father and Son Share Their Stories
    This episode is unique in the sense that there are two guests; Stu and Jimmy, a father and son respectively, who discuss their personal and financial journeys. Stu has a net worth of 1.3M while his son has a net worth of about 300K. They discuss their mindset and attitude about money, the importance of life insurance, being on the same page as one's spouse, and the value of hard work. Stu and Jimmy also share general advice, what they've learned from each other, and their advice for teaching kids about money.
  • 202: Net Worth of 2M - Net Worth at Age 31 was Zero
    Henry has a net worth of two million dollars. He's a serial entrepreneur and now coaches business owners. His previous businesses include computer sales, home theatres, spec homes, website sales, and a factoring business. He primarily invests in single stocks and mutual funds and shares his thoughts about why he doesn't invest in index funds. Henry also discusses annual spending (about 200K), working in partnerships, small businesses successes and failures, and financial lessons learned from his parents.
  • 201: Net Worth of 1M - 50-Year-Old Fire Marshal, Paid off 60K of Personal Debt
    Mark works as a Fire Marshal and has a net worth of more than one million dollars. Without counting his government pension (estimated to pay him 9K a month upon retirement), he has a net worth of 960K. Mark has worked in the public fire service since he was 17 years old (now 50), and talks about his retirement plans, receiving a wake up call on how much is needed for retirement and balancing frugal living vs. spending. We also discuss HRA's and HSA's and the value of a future pension.
  • 200: Net Worth of 320M - Set Goals and Think Big!
    Jeremy has a current net worth of over $300 million dollars! His net worth is primarily held in his business, but he also has holdings in real estate and angel investments. Jeremy shares how his small business was started, the importance of goal setting and thinking big, and also tips for time management. We also discuss the meaning of money, Jeremy's history with angel investments, and how he teaches and motivates his children about living a purposeful life.  Sponsor - Masterworks -

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