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  • Walking Miracle: Mindset That Overcame Paralysis w/ Ryan Shazier
    here are NO GUARANTEES in life.  There are only TRIUMPHS and SETBACKS.  My guest this week, RYAN SHAZIER, knows this all too well.  His story is EXTRAORDINARY.  In a single moment, he went from living his best life as an NFL linebacker to the challenge of simply trying to walk again.If you’ve ever had sudden and traumatic challenges turn your life upside down, you must hear Ryan’s story.  Because this week, you’re going to learn how one man turned a potential tragedy into a NEW BEGINNING.  Ryan was an Ohio State Buckeye who was a first-round draft pick at linebacker by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2014.  He quickly starred in the league, earning a trip to the PRO BOWL in 2016.  But during the 2017 season, he made a headfirst tackle that left him unable to move his legs.  Ryan underwent spinal stabilization surgery giving him the tools he needed to heal.His new book, WALKING MIRACLE, goes into detail about what he went through and was a must read for me as soon as I got a copy.Ryan spares no details in what he had to deal with after hearing news that he was paralyzed.  But along with his mom and dad, Ryan worked hard to create the POSITIVE MINDSET he would need to start healing.The GOOD NEWS is that surgery worked, and eventually Ryan did walk again.  In fact, 17 months after the injury he danced at his own wedding.But his NFL career was over.  His identity was stripped away.  And while he experienced the SUPREME TRIUMPH OF WALKING AGAIN, the setback of no longer playing the game he loved meant he had to pivot.  Ryan’s account of how he went from a pro athlete to a businessman is full of lessons you can use in your own life.  He’ll tell you how he was NEVER RESENTFUL and why that was so critical to MOVE FORWARD, instead of living in a past that no longer existed.  There are so many great nuggets of WISDOM in his words that you must hear, especially Ryan’s advice for making a COMEBACK after a traumatic life experience.Ryan Shazier embodies what it takes to OVERCOME tragic events in your life.His story will move you, and for those of you who need it, also help HEAL you too.
  • Start Living Life On Your Terms w/ Eric Thomas
    I think the internet might just break this week. The energy and inspiration level on this week's show is unprecedented, on any podcast ever!Because this week, my guest is none other than my dear friend, DR. ERIC THOMAS.The last time he was on my show, it became one of the MOST DOWNLOADED episodes ever.If you’ve ever been down in life, and thought that the odds were stacked so high against you that you’d never pull through, you need to hear Eric’s story.It will INSPIRE you. Give you HOPE. And help LEAD you out of your own challenges to a better life that’s waiting for you on the other side.Eric is known as the HIP-HOP PREACHER, and his talks are legendary. He works with Fortune 500 companies and pro sports teams, and has a new book, YOU OWE YOU, Igniting Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why. Eric dropped out of high school and spent time even living on the streets before meeting a minister who changed his life completely, eventually leading him to earn his Ph.D. a few years later.We’re also going to talk about something I believe in a lot…discovering and using your UNIQUE SUPERPOWERS. As you’ll hear, it’s not enough to figure out what those superpowers are, you must go out and WORK AT THEM to live the life you were meant to live.Eric also has great insights about finding the EXTRINSIC and INTRINSIC fuel you need to create electric ENERGY in your life.I also couldn’t have my friend on and not have him talk about PRAYING, LISTENING TO THE LORD, and connecting to your CONFIDENCE as part of your FAITH JOURNEY.Eric also has got great insights on putting yourself in MIRACLE territories, why YOU OWE YOU everything, and how people wrestle with overcoming IMPOSTER SYNDROME.Listen to this SERMON from start to finish.
  • Finding The Strength Within To Never Give Up w/ David A. Arnold
    💙IN LOVING MEMORY OF DAVID A. ARNOLD So what is “That Thing“ you gotta have about you in order to be successful? To separate from the pack? To make a dream a reality?This week you are gonna hear from someone who knows.BECAUSE HE'S LIVED IT!My guest this week is David A. Arnold.Not only is he a brilliant standup comedian, David channels his life’s observations as a SITCOM  WRITER, PRODUCER, and ACTOR as well.After I watched his Netflix special, IT AIN’T FOR THE WEAK, and laughed my ass off, I made it a big priority to get him on the show. When you hear his takes on life, parenting, hard knocks, and more, you’ll understand why.  This is a man with a lot of takes you’re going to love hearing about.Part of what I love about him is that David struggled in the backwaters of comedy for a long time before he broke through. He’s used the TRAGEDY and PATHOS in his life to fuel a brand of comedy that is INSPIRATIONAL for everyone going through stuff right now… which is basically all of us.He’s blowing up now after working in the business for more than 25 YEARS, building an impressive resume as one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL people in front of and behind the camera in the entertainment business. When you hear David talk about his WORK ETHIC, you’ll know there were no shortcuts to him earning everything he’s achieved.David’s source of strength through it all has been his connection to his family. Not only are they sources for a lot of his material, they’re also what drives him to keep working at “THAT THING” as he likes to refer to it.David gets into why it’s important to REFUSING TO LIVE WITH EXCUSES or challenges you faced growing up. It’s a fascinating look at someone who’s overcome unusual family dynamics, addiction, and being incarcerated (for a fix-it ticket!). As you’ll hear, BREAKING THROUGH is not for the weak.We’re also going to talk about David’s creative process for generating material, how he deals with imposter syndrome, and having A WILL TO SUCCEED that’s not for sale. The bottom line is that making people laugh is HARD WORK.You can’t talk to David for an hour and not touch on KIDS and MARRIAGE.  David’s down-to-earth take on both is filled with spot on insights that will make your life and your family relationships better.We are going to wrap up with advice on other parts of your life David wants you to know about too.You’re gonna LAUGH this week.You’re gonna THINK about what you hear too.David A. Arnold has got the goods.So listen up…This is a FASCINATING hour with a man who has used a lifetime of paying his dues to create a universal WISDOM that’s perfect advice for us all.
  • Blueprint For Better Relationships w/ John Kim
    I hope you’re ready to have your eyes opened to some INTENSE AND UNCONVENTIONAL relationship advice because THE ANGRY THERAPIST is in the house this week.JOHN KIM is my guest, and for the next hour, we’re not just talking about relationships with other people.  We’re going to peel back what makes you tick and talk about THE RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE WITH YOURSELF.You can tell John’s approach to therapy and relationships is different just on the titles of the best sellers he’s published…I USED TO BE A MISERABLE F*CK and SINGLE. ON PURPOSE.  And he’s got a new title coming out called IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU, which may be his best work yet.Tell me those don’t make you CURIOUS about what John’s got to say.I love John’s work because he makes people turn relationship analysis INWARD, where most people refuse to spend enough time.  It’s so easy to point blame at others when relationships go bad, but often the worst enemy is THE PERSON WE SEE IN THE MIRROR every morning.Pay attention to what John has to say about his concept of SELF vs Self.  It’s the key to how you can change your life to live INSIDE OUT instead of OUTSIDE IN.  You’re also going to learn more about the internal dialogs you have with your SOLID SELF vs your PSEUDO SELF.LOVE is amazing, but love isn’t perfect.  John is going to tell you how we’re challenged because we're taught that love looks like CODEPENDENCY ... and we all know the pitfalls of codependency in all parts of our lives.As part of his contrarian thinking, John also doesn’t believe in THE ONE.  Instead, he explains why THE ONE IN FRONT OF YOU is the most important relationship you can possibly have.That leads us to talk about different ATTACHMENT STYLES, finding beauty in each other’s CONTRASTS, and loving your partner like IT’S GOING TO END AT ANY TIME.And no discussion about relationships would be complete without John’s takes of RED FLAGS vs. DEAL BREAKERS and how you should deal with DISHONESTY and COMPARISONS in a relationship.  You’re also going to get an education on what to do if you’re not feeling “IT” anymore.  After you listen to John’s wisdom, spend some time thinking more about what you can do to IMPROVE THE RELATIONSHIPS in your life, especially the relationship you have with YOURSELF.
  • How To Live Life Without Limits w/ Tom McCarthy
    The BIGGEST BATTLES we fight on our way to SUCCESS are often the ones inside our own heads.  This week, I’m going to ask you to LOOK INWARD and FACE THOSE LIMITATIONS with the help of my guest, TOM MCCARTHY.  You are the product of the STORIES YOU TELL YOURSELF.  As you’ll hear Tom explain, don’t underestimate the impact of those stories and how they affect you.  If you’re not careful, the wrong stories lead to CONFORMITY and BEING AVERAGE which are your enemies if you want to lead an extraordinary life.In addition to those stories, you must learn how ENERGY and EMOTIONS impact you as well.  They live in your conscious and your subconscious mind.  Or as Tom calls it, your SUPER CONSCIOUS MIND because of how fast this part of your brain processes incoming information.  Here’s the cool part.  Tom is going to teach you how to PROGRAM your super conscious mind so you can start living better TODAY!We also get into FOCUS and how you can use your own ENERGY and ELECTRICITY to turn your THOUGHTS into ACTIONABLE RESULTS. When you apply these things properly, you’ll learn how to CHANGE YOUR STORY.  And that’s where we go next.   You’re going to get a great download on how to change the NARRATIVE OF YOUR LIFE.  Tom and I also go deep on CONFIDENCE and IDENTITY, which are common problems that lots of people struggle with.  You’ll get some great info on those areas that you can use as well.This week is all about giving you the tools you need for your personal brand of PEAK PERFORMANCE.   Tom and I spend a lot of our lives in this space, so get ready for our PEAK ADVICE over the next hour. 


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