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WorkLife with Adam Grant

WorkLife with Adam Grant

Podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant
Podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant

WorkLife with Adam Grant


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  • Taken for Granted: Satya Nadella is building the future
    Satya Nadella is a modern renaissance man; he’s a cricket enthusiast, poetry lover, oh, and the chairman and CEO of Microsoft with a nearly perfect approval rating on Glassdoor. Satya has led a transformation at Microsoft, up-ending the culture, and rethinking remote and hybrid work. In this episode, Adam talks to Satya about the future of work, leadership, and building cultures of care. For the full text transcript, visit
  • Is Emotional Intelligence Really So Important? | No Stupid Questions
    Today, something a little different. We're sharing an episode of No Stupid Questions, a podcast about human behavior hosted by Adam’s colleague and friend Angela Duckworth—a worldwide expert on grit—and Stephen Dubner, host of Freakonomics Radio. In this episode, Angela and Stephen debate whether emotional intelligence is necessary for good leadership. Stephen also wonders if emotional intelligence is something that can be learned, and the two discuss whether high E.I. might actually have negative repercussions. To hear more episodes on the weird and wonderful ways that humans behave, follow No Stupid Questions wherever you're listening to this.
  • Taken for Granted: Jon Batiste on the art of pushing your limits
    Jon Batiste has had a record year—he was the most nominated artist at the Grammys, winning five of his ELEVEN nominations across multiple categories, including Album of the Year. When he’s not making musical history, he’s a touring artist, late-night band leader, and Oscar-winning composer. In this episode, Jon talks with Adam about the creative process of making his genre-defying music, his prodigious background as a young musician in New Orleans, the role of focus and variety in building a successful career, and the power of art to make real change. For the full text transcript, visit
  • Breaking Up with Perfectionism
    Perfectionism is on the rise–and not just in job interviews when people claim it’s their greatest weakness. But the desire to be flawless is not always productive—or healthy. As a recovering perfectionist, Adam dives into how he managed to abandon the quest for 10s while holding onto his drive for excellence. For the full text transcript, visit
  • How To Pitch Your Best Ideas
    Great pitches can seem like genius or magic. But you don’t have to be a great salesperson to give a great pitch. Whether you’re floating an idea at a team meeting, looking for investors for your startup, or applying for your next job, life is full of pitching moments. In this episode, we bust myths about what it takes to drum up excitement–and share insights from Hollywood and Silicon Valley on ways to improve your chances of getting your audience on board. For the full text transcript, visit

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