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  • Mahsa Amini’s father speaks out
    Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman, died a week ago after being detained by Iran’s so called ‘morality police’, who claimed she was violating the country's strict dress code laws. Witnesses claim she was beaten, while the official explanations claim she had pre-existing health issues. We hear from BBC Persian's Jiyar Gol about his interview with her father Amjad Amini, who has spoken out at great risk to himself and contradicted the official version of events. The women turning rice into wealth in Sierra Leone Many Sierra Leoneans rely on subsistence farming to survive, but a group of single mothers and widows in southern Sierra Leone have formed a farming collective and turned their farm into a highly profitable business, as BBC Africa Women's Affairs journalist Azeezat Olaoluwa reports. The BBC's Disinformation Unit in India This year BBC News India launched a new Disinformation Unit to uncover, analyse and report on the spread of fake news. Jugal Purohit is part of the Delhi-based team, which highlights false information, debunks viral social media content and investigates how and why it spreads. The impact of Lebanon's economic crisis The recent sinking of a boat carrying many Lebanese migrants, which left dozens dead, has highlighted the economic crisis which has left much of the population in despair. People with money are also suffering, as they're unable to withdraw funds from their accounts. Some have even gone to banks armed with guns to try to get hold of their own money. Carine Torbey has been reporting both stories for BBC Arabic. The story behind the Bayraktar drones being used to defend Ukraine At the start of the invasion of Ukraine, videos of Russian vehicles being destroyed in drone strikes travelled round the world. For Ukrainians, the Turkish Bayraktar drones have become a symbol of resistance; they’ve composed songs about them, and named pets and even children after them. BBC Ukrainian’s Dzhafer Umerov interviewed the two brothers behind the drone, Haluk and Selçuk Bayraktar. Photo: Mahsa Amini newspapers. Credit: Majid Asgaripour/WANA (West Asia News Agency) via REUTERS (from Elvis)
  • Global perspectives on the death of Queen Elizabeth II
    Today we take a global perspective on the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. We hear about some of the affectionate names by which the Queen was known by around the world, from 'Dear Granny' to 'Boss Lady', with BBC Burmese's Soe Win Than, BBC Africa Southern Africa Correspondent Pumza Filhani and BBC Chinese's Vivien Wong. Presenter Irena Taranyuk speaks to language service colleagues about the unique perspectives and relationships their audiences and countries have with the British monarchy, and how this has shaped their coverage. With BBC Chinese Editor Howard Zhang, BBC Vietnamese Editor Giang Nguyen, BBC Thai's Issariya Praithongyaem and Iranian Ali Hamedani. We also explore some of the controversial issues re-ignited by the Queen's death, regarding Britain's post colonial legacy and the future of the Commonwealth. With BBC Monitoring in Nairobi's Beverly Ochieng, BBC Hausa's Fauziyya Tukur, Masud Khan from BBC Bengali. Photo: Global newspapers after Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8th. Credit: Jaber Abdulkhaleg/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
  • The forgotten protesters of Belarus
    Two years ago, Belarusians took to the streets in mass protests after elections in which President Alexander Lukashenko declared a landslide victory. His main opponent was driven into exile, and thousands of protesters were jailed. Some, who have now been released, have told BBC Russian's Tatsiana Yanutsevich about their shock at discovering that Belarusians are no longer hailed as heroes, but seen by many as citizens of an aggressor country. The lake that came from nowhere Lake Rgotsko in eastern Serbia has famously clear water and is popular with holidaymakers. What’s unusual about it is that it just appeared, back in the 1970s, when a sand mine suddenly filled with water. Among recent visitors was Sandra Maksimović from BBC Serbian. Vietnam's banned TikTok reviewers High profile TikTok food reviewers have been banned from some restaurants. It came about after one reviewer posted harsh criticism of a crab stall vendor, leading to some restaurants refusing entry to other famous TikTok reviewers. Bui Thu of BBC Vietnamese has followed the saga. A family reunion, after 32 years BBC Afaan Oromo shares the story of an Ethiopian man who went missing from his family more than three decades ago, after he was forcibly recruited into the army and sent straight to the battlefield. Asili Galgalo explains the twists and turns of Dima Doyo’s life, and the remarkable way in which he finally returned home. The chimpanzee which went viral Kharkiv in Ukraine has suffered relentless bombardment by Russian forces since the start of the invasion. But a very different story came out of the city recently - about a chimpanzee which escaped from the zoo, and was filmed being gently recaptured and then wheeled back to the zoo on a bicycle. BBC Russian's Yevgeniy Kanevsky, who's from Kharkiv, tells us more. (Photo: Belarusian protesters in August 2020. Credit: REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko)
  • Reporting Pakistan's floods
    BBC Urdu’s team of reporters has travelled across Pakistan to report on the impact of the recent floods, which have killed more than 1,200 people and displaced many more. Umer Draz Nangiana went to Rajanpur in southern Punjab to meet the farmers who’ve lost their homes and crops. Egypt gets serious about dominoes In Egypt dominoes is mostly an old-fashioned game played by men in local cafes. But now the Minister of Youth and Sports wants to give it a new image and get Egyptians competing at international level. BBC Arabic’s Aya Hashim, herself a player, attended the country's first national dominoes championship. "Small eating" in South Korea “Mukbang” videos became famous in South Korea with viewers watching hosts eat enormous quantities of food online. But now it's being challenged by “small eating," showing people apparently full after eating only a small bite. So what's behind the change, and is it any healthier? BBC Korean's Yuna Ku finds out. Watermelons in Ukraine Why have watermelons become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance? BBC Monitoring journalist Margaryta Maliukova remembers watermelons from Kherson, and unpicks the watermelon-based social media memes. Colombia's new anti-drugs proposals The newly elected left-wing president of Colombia has proposed an overhaul of the country’s anti-drugs policy, ending the US-supported ‘war on drugs’. Gustavo Petro wants to stop the eradication of coca crops and the extradition to the US of traffickers, as Luis Fajardo of BBC Monitoring explains. American Uzbeks and the American Dream Ibrat Safo of BBC Uzbek has travelled across the United States to make a documentary series about Uzbeks who've made new lives in America. He tells us about the stories and dreams he discovered, from pursuing business success, to finding religious freedom, to becoming the person you want to be. (Photo: Floods in South Punjab Pakistan. Credit: BBC)
  • Russia’s colonial past, and present?
    The Russian Foreign Minister recently wrote that Russia had ‘never stained itself with the bloody crimes of colonialism’. It’s not a new theme for Sergei Lavrov but it did surprise many Russian historians. BBC Russian’s Grigor Atanesian wrote an article testing Mr Lavrov’s claims. Rural schools in Azerbaijan A plea by a 13-year-old Azerbaijani schoolgirl has put the spotlight on rural education in the country, with too few schools in some regions and badly maintained buildings. BBC Azerbaijani filmed Zahra walking the 4 kilometre return trip to her classroom, and editor Könül Khalilova shares the story. Military service for K-pop superstars Members of the K-pop band BTS may soon have to complete their military service, but this may not mean they have to stop performing. The band had already been given a 2 year deferral, and parliament is debating radically shortening their service, as Julie Yoonnyung Lee of BBC Korean explains. Five years of the Rohingya crisis BBC Bangla has been marking the fifth anniversary of the Rohingya crisis, which sent more than a million refugees from Myanmar into the Cox's Bazar refugee camp. Journalists Akbar Hossain and Shahnewaj Rocky heard from Rohingya refugees and the local Bengali community about their perspectives. A travelling heart The embalmed heart of Brazil's first emperor, Dom Pedro I, has arrived in the country as part of celebrations for its bicentenary. Dom Pedro is remembered as a hero who led Brazil’s independence from Portugal, but he also allowed slavery to continue. BBC Brasil’s Nathalia Passarinho tells us about the man behind the heart. (Photo: An official of Bukhara Emirate, a Russian protectorate. Credit: Sergey Prokudin-Gorskii/Getty Images)

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