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KCRW Scheer Intelligence

KCRW Scheer Intelligence

Podcast KCRW Scheer Intelligence
Podcast KCRW Scheer Intelligence

KCRW Scheer Intelligence


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  • Biden’s peace for Afghanistan is a humanitarian disaster
    The U.S. withdrew its troops and with them all humanitarian aid while freezing Afghanistan’s foreign reserves, leading to mass deprivation for Afghanistan’s innocent civilian population.
  • A Somali boy’s escape from Somalia’s harrowing genocide leads him to his dream paradise—and the brutality of American racism.
    On this week’s Scheer Intelligence, Boyah Farah, a young refugee from Somalia’s hellish civil war describes his family’s narrow escape from death and their arrival in the placid suburbs of Boston. But life was more a nightmare than the dream he had imagined.
  • Russian and western leaders squandered Mikhail Gorbachev’s legacy. Now we’re all paying the price.
    Katrina vanden Heuvel, editorial director and publisher of The Nation, remembers the Russian leader—whom she called a friend—as a committed pro-peace thinker, on this week’s “Scheer Intelligence.”
  • What killed America’s peace movement?
    CODEPINK founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans are rare voices of conscience confronting the bipartisan warmongers. 
  • The terrifying research nuclear powers don’t want you to see
    Climate scientist Alan Robock, one of the authors of a groundbreaking Nature Food paper on the little-discussed impacts of nuclear war, talks to Robert Scheer about his work. 

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