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KCRW Scheer Intelligence

KCRW Scheer Intelligence

Podcast KCRW Scheer Intelligence
Podcast KCRW Scheer Intelligence

KCRW Scheer Intelligence


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  • The British-American Lie That Started 30 Years of Carnage in the Middle East
    Journalist Stephen Davis documents in detail the lead up, cover up and aftermath of a 1990 hostage crisis that few recall.
  • A traitor to torture
    In this week’s installment of Scheer Intelligence, host Robert Scheer hears from Kiriakou the inside story of how the the program started as part of a cynical power struggle between the CIA and FBI, why torture does not save lives or secure better intelligence, and how, while the program was started under Republican President George W. Bush, it was a top appointee of President Obama, himself a key architect of the torture program, who chose to prosecute him five years after his interviews with ABC which should have made him a national hero instead of a disgraced felon. 
  • Paradoxical past, present and future of China's "socialist market"
    In this week's Scheer Intelligence podcast, host Robert Scheer discusses the paradoxical past, present and future of China's "socialist market" economic model with Nathan Gardels, author of "It Is No Longer Glorious to Get Rich in China," published this week by Noema, a magazine of the Berggruen Institute. 
  • America’s war machine refuses to let Afghanistan go
    Maj. Danny Sjursen weighs in on the U.S. exit from Afghanistan and Gen. David Petraeus’ dangerously false narrative about our country’s longest war.
  • Democrats’ destruction of America’s welfare system is coming back to haunt them
    Peter Edelman examines how Americans are still tormented by the specter of President Bill Clinton’s worst domestic policy failure.

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