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Podcast Jocko Podcast
Podcast Jocko Podcast

Jocko Podcast


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  • 354: Everything in Life Is A Negotiation. With Chris Voss.
    Businessman, author of "Never Split The Difference". Former FBI hostage negotiator. CEO of The Black Swan Group.Support this podcast at —
  • Jocko Underground: Loss Aversion: You'd Rather Not Lose Than Actually Gain | People Always Trying To Intimidate You?
    Loss Aversion: You'd Rather Not Lose Than Actually Gain.Jocko's Training program / schedule.Active, but fat? A solution and tips.Dealing with people always trying to intimidate you.Good influence Uncle VS. Bad influence Father.More tips on injuries and lowering standards with physical activity.Support this podcast at —
  • 353: If You Have The Wherewithal To Do Things, Then You Should Do Things. Congressman Candidate (WI) Derrick Van Orden
    Derrick Van Orden. Navy SEAL (ret.) 26 years of service. husband, father, and Wisconsin 3rd District Congressman candidate 2022. Support this podcast at —
  • Jocko Underground: It Will Take Longer Than You Think. It's Hofstadter's Law | Comparing Yourself to Her Past Boyfriends | You Lost Your Cool
    Hofstadter's Law: It will always take longer than you think.Staying disciplined when you're training for something important.Dating a girl and can't stop comparing yourself to her past dudes.I lost my temper at work. It may be un-fixable.Trying to get other's on my level.Female coworker lashes out a lot, but otherwise a good worker.Support this podcast at —
  • 352: Fixing Your Mind, Mind Mechanics, and Mental Health, w/ Dr. Karlyn Pleasants and Megan Harrison
    Dr. Karlyn Pleasants is a clinical Psychologist who specializes in adult and adolescent psychotherapy. She is also the Chief Clinical Advisor and a managing partner at Anew Treatment Center, Scottsdale AZ.Megan Harrison holds a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with experience in transgenerational trauma and mental illness.Support this podcast at —

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