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Podcast Business Matters

Business Matters


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  • Capping Russia's oil: Big new moves from the EU to limit Moscow's profits from its oil exports
    Europe is cracking down on Russian oil and Poland is now backing a policy that should radically reduce the income Moscow gets from its oil. So how is it going to work? The US jobs market stays strong - but what about all the Americans still staying at home because of long Covid? Also on the programme, the right wing talk show host Alex Jones files for bankrutpcy as he faces paying more than a billion dollars in damages. Plus - 30 years after the first text message - how a few short words have changed all our lives Roger Hearing is joined throughout the programme by Peter Ryan, ABC Australia senior business correspondent - who's in Sydney, and Betsey Stevenson, former Member of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers & Chief Economist at the US Labour department, now professor of public policy and economics at the University of Michigan. She joins from Ann Arbor. (Picture: Drilling rig and support vessel on offshore area; Credit: Getty Images)
  • Ramaphosa faces mounting questions about his future
    South Africa's president sees his future in the balance and the country's economy weakens further. On World Aids Day we discuss how African leaders have cut back on health spending. And ever heard of Tunisia's spicy Harissa paste? It's the latest addition to UNESCO's heritage status, we’ll discuss how significant that status is. Roger Hearing discusses this and more with Walter Todd, President and Chief Investment Officer of Greenwood Capital in South Carolina, and Jyoti Malhotra, Senior Consulting Editor with ThePrint who's in New Delhi. (Picture: President Cyril Ramaphosa; Credit: Getty Images.)
  • Elon Musk backtracks on Apple Twitter removal claims
    Twitter owner Elon Musk says he and Apple CEO Tim Cook have resolved the misunderstanding over removing the social networking platform from the app store. We discuss the business of music as Christine McVie, who played with Fleetwood Mac and wrote some of their most famous songs, dies aged 79. And The French baguette makes history. We are joined on the programme by Tom Giles from the US, Rebecca Choong Wilkins in Hong Kong and Işın Eliçin who is joins us from Turkey. (Picture: Elon Musk. Credit: Getty Images.)
  • Millions pledged to support Ukraine's power grid
    Devina Gupta is joined by Stephanie Hare in the UK, representing the US, and Tala Ramadan in Lebanon, to discuss the main economic stories of the day. Nato members pledge to support Ukraine by rebuilding its energy infrastructure. Ukraine's foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said energy security had become crucial, as Ukrainians struggle to survive freezing temperatures and regular power cuts. Elsewhere China continues to struggle with Coronavirus. The government now wants to increase vaccinations for older people. Only 56% of the over 60s in China - and just a fifth of over 80s - have had three doses of vaccine. (Photo: Pedestrians walk along a street in Ukraine, with no street lights. Credit: Oleg Petrasyuk/EPA-EFE/Rex/Shutterstock)
  • Protests in China rock global markets
    The number of new coronavirus infections keep making records in China, as protesters take to the streets of major cities to call for the ease of Covid restrictions. We hear about the impact demonstrations are having on businesses and international markets. We also explore what the future holds for Disney after its returning CEO, Bob Iger, outlines his vision for a company that's struggling to make streaming a profitable business. Also in the programme, we take a look at the reasons that took crypto lender BlockFi to file for bankruptcy shortly after FTX’s collapse. Devina Gupta discusses these and more business news with Peter Morici, an economist at the University of Maryland, and Alaezi Akpuru, the owner and creative director of Nigerian contemporary womenswear brand Virgioli Fashion. (Picture: A mourner holds flowers during a vigil for the victims of China's Covid Zero policy and the victims of the Urumqi fire in Hong Kong. Picture credit: Reuters)

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