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  • Rose Ayling-Ellis in As You Like It, Whistleblower: Helen Evans, Children with Mothers in Prison
    You may remember the video that went viral in 2021 of Rose Ayling-Ellis and her Strictly Come Dancing partner Giovanni dancing in complete silence during their Couple’s Choice dance. Rose is deaf and uses British Sign Language to help her communicate. They wanted to use their dance to show what it is like for the deaf community on a daily basis. She went on to win the show and won a BAFTA after the dance was voted by the public as the Must-See TV Moment that year. Now she’s back on stage in Soho Place theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy As You Like It. She joins Anita Rani to talk about her West End debut in the show and the work she’s doing to make theatre more accessible for deaf audiences. A new documentary about whistleblowers has just been released. 'When We Speak' follows the stories of three women, Helen Evans a former Oxfam employee who spoke out about sexual exploitation and abuse at Oxfam GB, British intelligence employee Katharine Gun who leaked a memo from GCHQ in the run up to the Iraq war and Rose McGowan who spoke out about sexual abuse in Hollywood. The documentary shares the motivations, experiences and fallout of each of their cases. Joining Anita Rani is one of these whistleblowers, Helen Evans, who until 2015 was global head of Safeguarding at Oxfam. An estimated 17,000 children are impacted by maternal imprisonment every year but their needs are rarely considered when their mum is arrested, sentenced or sent to prison. So today The Prison Reform Trust has issued an urgent call for action for better support for those who are among the most vulnerable children in society. As part of this call for action, the charity has published a new toolkit to help practitioners, who are involved with these children, ensure they are properly supported, listened to and their needs identified and met. We hear from Layla, one of six children, whose mother was first imprisoned when she was seven, and associate of the Prison Reform Trust, Sarah Beresford project lead for the toolkit. Presenter: Anita Rani Producer: Kirsty Starkey Interviewed Guest: Rose Ayling-Ellis Interviewed Guest: Helen Evans Interviewed Guest: Sarah Beresford
  • Meghan and Harry Documentary, Carolynne Hunter, Christmas Family
    Today sees the release of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s much anticipated Netflix series. To discuss Krupa is joined by Catherine Mayer, author of Charles: The Heart of a King and co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, and the former Royal photographer Jayne Fincher who was the only woman in the press pack with Princess Diana. Yesterday on the programme, we spoke to actor Kate Winslet about her new drama I am Ruth on Channel 4. During that interview, Kate told Emma about a donation she made to pay a soaring energy bill for a child’s life support after being moved by the family’s story. Freya, who is 13, has severe cerebral palsy and relies on receiving oxygen for chronic breathing problems. Freya’s mother, Carolynne Hunter, joins us today. At least nine children across the UK are said to have died recently from complications caused by the Strep A infection. So just how concerned should parents be, and what, if anything, can parents do to protect their children? Professor Devi Sridhar, Chair of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh, joins Krupa. Sara Collins won the Costa First Novel Prize in 2019 for The Confessions of Frannie Langton, a gothic thriller about a Jamaican maid in 1820’s London. Sara has now adapted her book for television and the four part series is available on the streaming service ITVX from today. Sara joins Krupa in studio. How do you convince your adult children to spend Christmas with you? We hear from Sue Elliot Nicholls who says she’s already preparing for the fact that her son’s will choose their girlfriends family over her and from relationship psychologist Emma Kenny. Presenter: Krupa Padhy Producer: Emma Pearce
  • Kate Winslet, Professor Sue Black, Chloe Smith, Beryl Cook
    Oscar winning actor Kate Winslet stars alongside her real life daughter Mia Threapleton in Channel 4’s female led drama series ‘I am..’. The feature length episode tells the story of Ruth, a mother, who becomes concerned for her teenage daughter’s welfare, after she witnesses her retreating more and more into herself. Freya has become consumed by the pressures of social media and is suffering a mental health crisis. The story was developed and co-authored by Kate and Dominic Savage. Kate talks to Emma about the issues examined in the film and working with her daughter. This year the Royal Institute Christmas Lectures will be given by Professor Dame Sue Black; one of the world’s leading forensic investigators. She is currently the President of St Johns College Oxford, but her previous achievements include heading the British Forensic Team in Kosovo, identifying victims from the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and convicting Scotland’s largest paedophile ring. In the lectures she will share the real-life scientific detective process that she uses to identify both the dead and the living. She tells Emma Barnett how she will be separating crime fiction from fact using examples from her own casebook. Conservative MP Chloe Smith is one of a number of parliamentarians who have already announced they won’t be standing at the next General Election in two years time. Aged only 40 she has served in a range of ministerial positions including her last post when she made it to the cabinet as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions albeit for only seven weeks during Liz Truss’s brief tenure as Prime Minister. What have been her main achievements? and what does she plan to do with her life after leaving the commons? The work of the British artist, the late Beryl Cook, has been given a new lease of life in a gallery in New York. The exhibition, entitled, Beryl Cook Takes New York, is the first ever exhibition of her work abroad. Cook's colourful pictures documented ordinary people in their every day surroundings and she was known for her robust women and men, all seemingly having a fantastic time. Celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Yoko Ono own her work. Emma speaks to Beryl’s daughter in law, Teresa Cook and Rachel Campbell-Johnston about her enduring appeal.
  • The Silent Twins, the science behind 'mummy brain', Rosie Pearson, Lorien Haynes
    The story is that of June and Jennifer Gibbons who grew up in Wales in the 1970s. For years, the two would only speak to each other earning them the name ‘the silent twins’. At 19, they were institutionalised at Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital indefinitely. They remained there for 11 years. In 1993, they were moved to a less restrictive clinic in Wales. However Jennifer died during transit. The cause of her death has never been fully determined but has been suggested it was part of their pact as twins. Their story has been largely forgotten or left to folklore. It is now being brought to light in a new biographical film that comes out this Friday, called The Silent Twins. We speak to the award-winning actors, Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrance, who star as the silent twins. We also hear from Marjorie Wallace, former investigative journalist and founder of mental health charity, SANE, whose book inspired the film. ‘Mummy Brain’ is the term given to feelings of brain fog or memory loss that women experience during and post pregnancy. Despite the fact that 80% of pregnant women will experience this, very little is known about the specific causes. What we do know is that women’s brains change more during pregnancy than at any other time during adulthood. Dr Jodi Pawluski has been researching the topic for over 20 years and has personally experienced ‘mummy brain’ herself. She tells Emma what we currently know about the impact pregnancy and parenthood has on women’s brains - and what more we still are yet to find out. How much should you tell your children about your past? In the new film ‘Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men’, a woman details every relationship she has been in, in the hope that her daughter won't make the same mistakes. The film is backed by Refuge - the charity supporting survivors of domestic violence. It's made by 21 female directors across 23 short films. Then Lorien Haynes, who wrote the script and acted in the films, made one full length movie feature from the short films. All proceeds from the movie will go to Refuge. Emma speaks to Lorien about why she wanted to do this project. In one of his first big tests as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has had to water down housing targets for local councils - faced by a rebellion from his own backbenchers. The former Northern Ireland and DEFRA minister Theresa Villers led the charge alongside fellow Conservative MP Bob Seeley. Housing Secretary Michael Gove has now offered councils more flexibility over meeting the government-set targets. The 60 rebels had argued they are excessive and undermine local councils. Emma talks to Kitty Donaldson, UK Political Editor at Bloomberg News and to Rosie Pearson, who has been branded by some as the 'Queen of NIMBYs', due to her campaigning on this issue.
  • Hadley Freeman, Toni Crews, Christmas appeal
    We talk to the journalist Hadley Freeman about why she resigned as a columnist at The Guardian newspaper after 22 years in the job. She has accused the publication of “censoring” discussion about gender identity and says she was discouraged from writing about antisemitism. Emma Barnett speaks to Hadley about her concerns and plans for the future. We speak to the parents of Toni Crews, a young mother who died from a rare form of eye cancer back in 2020. Her parents Jo and Jason Crews talk to Woman’s Hour about her life and her decision to waive her anonymity and donate her body to medical science, she is first person in the UK to have done this. Also talking about this ground breaking moment for medical science is Professor Claire Smith who led the team behind the dissection which is shown as part of a documentary that goes out tonight. It's Radio 4’s Christmas Appeal Week. For 96 years, BBC Radio and St Martin-in-the-Fields have been in partnership to raise funds for people who are homeless and urgently need support around the UK. In the last two years, the Radio 4 Christmas Appeal has raised over £9 million for St Martin-in-the-Fields and The Connection at St Martin's benefits from these funds, which help run their resource centre in central London, providing shelter, food, help and advice. This year, the Women’s Development Unit at The Connection has created the first ever census of women who were sleeping rough across London. I’m joined by Eleanor Greenhalgh, the Manager of the Women’s Development Unit & Pam Orchard, CEO of The Connection at St Martins who can share their data exclusively with Woman’s Hour. Presenter: Emma Barnett Producer: Lucinda Montefiore

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