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Without Warning The Lauren Agee Case

Without Warning The Lauren Agee Case

Podcast Without Warning The Lauren Agee Case
Podcast Without Warning The Lauren Agee Case

Without Warning The Lauren Agee Case


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  • Just Karen
    Investigating cases, you want to talk to every person that might have knowledge especially the people Brenda saw the next day. Brenda was very busy the next day, we know by her phone that she saw Matthew Kirk and Karen Petree. I already spoke to Matthew, and I went to Sherman High School to talk to Karen. Chris Hawkins a private investigator and I teamed up to work together on this case. Chris and I went to the High School prior to first class and sat down with Karen. Karen described what Brenda had told her, however, there was hesitation from her. We knew she had more knowledge which led her to a deposition. The legal definition of a deposition is a formal statement that someone who has promised to tell the truth makes so that the statement can be used in court. Karen was subpoenaed to appear for a deposition to tell the truth and what she knew about the case surrounding Jonathan’s death. Listen to bits and pieces of Karen's deposition. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Pam Crews Q and A with Patreon Group PART 2
    For those that started listening to Jonathan Crews case and haven't been with me for the last three seasons after you finished, Jonathan Crews case start at the beginning of, Without Warning with Lauren Agee case. I do these podcasts to bring the public behind the curtain, to see what really happens in cases, the heartaches of the victim's family, the deceit from the government officials, the dedication to finding the truth. The journey is a hard one. As a professional investigator. I appreciate the public with the help and dedication to the stories, the victim's families, and finding the truth. When I'm asked to do speaking engagements about private investigating, I tell the audience podcasting is the single best investigative tool I have available in cold cases. In this week's episode, you are hearing part two of Pam speaking with my Patreon group. I want to hear what you think about the description being shared by Pam.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Suspect
    A big Halloween party at an apartment complex in Redmond, Washington. Themed rooms and costumed partygoers. But by the end of the party, one of the hosts is dead. The police look to the partiers as the prime suspects: was it the guy in the devil mask, the bank robber, the construction worker? As investigators comb through forensic evidence, witness testimony, DNA, and even consult with a psychic, they zero in on one suspect in particular. But for what reason? Host and reporter Matthew Shaer (Over My Dead Body) returns to the scene of the crime, speaks with everyone about a night that still haunts them years later. It’s a series about race and policing, mislaid justice, cutting-edge science, and the kinds of weighty choices that cops and prosecutors make every day -- choices that, once made, are difficult to reverse. Listen to SUSPECT: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Pam Crews Answers Patreon Questions
    There are so many unanswered questions about Jonathan Crews' case and investigations. In this episode, I bring the podcast listeners into the behind the curtain to my Patreon group. Pam Crews, Jonathan's mother, has been the voice for justice. Pam inspires me to find answers for Jonathan and my other victim's families. My Patreon group are compassionate advocates. I will add a bonus episode to our Q & A session next week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Bad Blood: The Final Chapter
    Bad Blood  The criminal trial of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the blood-testing start-up Theranos, promises to be momentous. It won’t just be the charismatic young woman with a preternaturally deep voice who’ll be on a trial in a federal courtroom in San Jose, California this March; it will be the culture of Silicon Valley as a whole. A culture that thrives on loose business ethics and exalts rule-breaking as a virtue. Hosted by John Carreyrou is an award-winning investigative reporter. He is the author of the best-selling book, “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup.” He was the first to break the scandal of the bloodtesting company Theranos in 2015, in the Wall Street Journal.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Without Warning The Lauren Agee Case

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