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  • Me and my acne
    A skin positivity influencer from Venezuela and dermatologist from Barbados tell Kim Chakanetsa about the impact having acne has on their lives. Constanza Concha has a rare and extreme form of acne called conglobate which started when she was nine years old. With over 57,000 followers on Instagram @cottyconcha she’s appeared on the covers of both Vogue and Glamour magazine. She says she’s proud to be the representation she wanted to see when she was younger. Dr Sharon Crichlow is a consultant dermatologist from Barbados who works in the UK. As a lifelong acne sufferer, Dr Crichlow understands fully the enormous impact dermatological disease can have on a person’s quality of life and mental health. She focuses on acne, treatment of acne scarring and the problems associated with skin of colour. Produced by Jane Thurlow (Image: (L) Constanza Concha, courtesy Constanza Concha. (R) Dr Sharon Crichlow, credit Michelle Jovic.) Produced by Jane Thurlow
  • Women in F1
    Kim Chakanetsa meets two women who work on the world’s fastest cars. Bernadette Collins is a strategy engineer from Northern Ireland. She worked for the Aston Martin Formula One team and with McLaren. She is currently a freelance engineer working on projects where she brings the lessons from F1 to other industries as well as continuing to work within the Formula One field. Lisa Veltman is a Dutch design engineer working with Scuderia AlphaTauri, an Italian Formula One racing team and constructor. She previously worked with the French team Alpine. Produced by Hetal Bapodra, Alice Gioia, Jane Thurlow. (Image: (L) Lisa Veltman, credit Patricio Barroso. (R) Bernadette Collins, credit Glenn Dunbar.)
  • Women in Hollywood: Who runs the film industry?
    There is an impressive list of female creatives on this year's Oscar nominees list – actors, producers, costume designers - but no female directors. In fact, in the Academy’s 94-year-history, only seven women have ever been nominated. Why is that? And what is getting in the way of achieving gender parity in filmmaking? Kim Chakanetsa travels to the heart of Hollywood to find out more. Keri Putnam is a film executive and producer and the founder of Putnam Pictures. She served for 11 years as the CEO of the Sundance Institute which runs the Sundance Film Festival. Prior to that worked as a senior executive at Miramax and HBO. She is also the co-founder of Re-frame, an organisation providing mentorship and training to help women making it into the industry, and served 3 terms on the Women in Film Board of directors. Stephanie Allain is a film Producer and writer and the newly-elected co-President of the Producers Guild of America, the first woman of colour to serve as PGA president. Stephanie was one of the original ReFrame ambassadors and served 3 terms on the WIF Board of Directors including 9 years as Vice President. Stephanie was also the first Black woman to produce the Academy Awards in 2020. She runs her own company, Homegrown Pictures, which focuses on creating content by and about women and people of colour. Producers: Alice Gioia, Jane Thurlow, Hetal Bapodra Sound recording: Devin Pinckard Production assistant: Abbie Bulbulian (Image: (L) Stephanie Allain (R) Keri Putnam. Credit: Devin Pinckard)
  • Women in Hollywood: Styling the stars
    Kim Chakanetsa meets two of the most influential stylists in Hollywood. Camille Friend is a hair stylist and she’s been nominated in this year’s Academy awards for her work on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She has worked on 7 other Marvel movies – including Captain America – and on other blockbuster movies like The Little Mermaid, The Hateful Eight and Django Unchained. She also trains younger generations of hair stylists through her academy, Hair Scholars. Zerina Akers is an Emmy award winning fashion stylist and costume designer. She’s best known for her work with Beyonce – she was Queen B’s personal wardrobe curator for 7 years, and you can see her creations on the visual album Black is King. In 2020 Zerina founded Black Owned Everything – a platform supporting black artists and creators. Producers: Alice Gioia, Jane Thurlow, Hetal Bapodra Sound recording: Devin Pinckard Production assistant: Abbie Bulbulian (Image: (L) Zerina Akers (R) Camille Friend. Credit: Devin Pinckard.)
  • Women in Hollywood: Oscar nominees
    Kim Chakanetsa is in Hollywood to meet two award winning women who’ve made it onto this year’s Oscar nominees list. Lesley Paterson co-wrote the screenplay for All Quiet on the Western Front, which is nominated for 9 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. Lesley competed for Scotland and GB as a triathlete and is a five-time World Champion. Wendy Tilby is a Canadian director, animator and illustrator. The short movie she co-directed, The Flying Sailor, is nominated as Best Animated Short Film in this year’s Academy Awards. Producers: Alice Gioia, Jane Thurlow, Hetal Bapodra Production assistant: Abbie Bulbulian (Image: (L) Wendy Tilby. (R) Lesley Paterson. Credit: Getty Images.)

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