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  • On Your Terms: How to Pivot When You're Unhappy at Work with Rachel DeAlto
    Quiet quitting is a hot topic. But rather than viewing it as a passive approach to an unenjoyable job, communications expert and keynote speaker Rachel DeAlto believes the after-effect is more detrimental. This week, Rachel and Erin tackle the issue from both sides of the table: What questions should leaders ask themselves when quiet quitting is present in the workplace? What questions should employees ask? They also discuss how to change your approach to necessary but conflict-prone conversations.See for privacy information.
  • In the Details: Achieve Joyful Peak Performance with Shola Richards
    Several years ago, dealing with depression and under the strain of a toxic workplace, Shola Richards decided the best way to escape the pain was to end his life. Thankfully, he survived. The speaker and best-selling author tells Karen how he worked through self-doubt and describes the steps he took to rediscover joy in work.   Visit Shola's website: See for privacy information.
  • rich & REGULAR: 78: Are You Too Loyal to Your Employer?
    Some perks—like solid health insurance coverage or a corner office—make a job enticing, but don't let them determine your loyalty to a company. In the wake of the quiet quitting trend, Julien and Kiersten Saunders (@richandregular) discuss why we romanticize our jobs and, conversely, why we should be willing to view them with an honest lens.See for privacy information.
  • Brilliant Thoughts: The Secret to Going Viral with Brendan Kane
    It seems as though every week we're hearing about a new photo or video that's gone viral. Do you ever wonder why? Brendan Kane, author and CEO and founder of digital strategy company Hook Point, dives deep into the science behind virality. Citing his experience working with celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna, Brendan tells Tristan how to create content people love, the biggest factors that play into virality, and what approaches to avoid when posting online.See for privacy information.
  • Law of Attraction: Activate Your Highest Potential with Michael Beckwith
    You know who you want to be, but do you know how to get there? Natasha Graziano sits down with speaker, author and spiritual director of Agape Spiritual Center, Michael Beckwith, to discuss how we can let go of what doesn't serve us and channel our vision with the gifts and abilities we already have.   Follow Natasha on Instagram @natashagrazianoSubscribe to Natasha's YouTube channel: for privacy information.

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