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Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

Podcast Stuff You Should Know

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5 de 1996
  • How The Rosenhan Experiment Worked
    In 1973 a study was published in Science where psychologist David Rosenhan revealed he had duped hundreds of psychiatric workers by planting perfectly sane pseudopatients within their hospitals and every last one went unnoticed.See for privacy information.
  • Short Stuff: Curse Tablets
    Curse tablets are exactly what you think - tablets with curses inscribed on them. But what were they used for, and when did people do this? Hit play and those answers shall be revealed!See for privacy information.
  • Vasectomies: Stop Being A Wimp
    You can uncross your legs you big babies. Getting a vasectomy isn’t bad at all – recovery time is a breeze, pain is minimal, and you can consider it a gift to your partner. Learn the real deal on vasectomies (and get 20% off with our code: STUFF).See for privacy information.
  • Selects: How LSD Works
    In 1943 Swiss chemist Albert Hofman discovered he'd created what may be the most potent hallucinogen known to humankind. Then he took a bike ride. Learn about the chemistry, neurology, history and cultural impact of LSD-25 in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
  • Sitcoms Part II
    Listen in now for part II of our homage to sitcoms. See for privacy information.

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