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  • I hit puberty, then burned down my family home
    At 18 Nikki Owen set fire to the family home – and she didn’t know why. Nikki awaited trial in solitary confinement, but her father searched for answers in medical science, and started working on a ground-breaking legal defence to get her out. If you've been affected by any of subjects in this programme you can find support and additional information below: BBC Action Line: Befrienders Worldwide: The International Association for Premenstrual Disorders: National Association for Premenstrual Syndromes Presenter: Emily Webb Producer:  Tom Harding Assinder
  • He knocked on my door and said: 'I believe you'
    How the friendship of a stranger helped Betsy Sailor when she needed it most. Betsy was living alone at university in the late 1970s when a man broke into her apartment and raped her at knifepoint. He was later caught, and it turned out he was a student, and a player on the successful Penn State football team. Taking him to court was a daunting task but then a fellow football player, Irv Pankey, stepped up and told Betsy he was on her side and would look after her. Their remarkable friendship changed the course of Betsy’s life. Film clip: Betsy and Irv/ Nicole Noren/ ESPN Films Presenter: Mobeen Azhar Producer: Rebecca Vincent
  • My father’s hidden crimes
    Analía’s father was accused of being a government torturer — he said it was a lie. A phone call turned Analía Kalinec’s comfortable life upside down. Her father was accused of crimes committed during the Argentine dictatorship twenty years previously, when around 30,000 people were disappeared by security forces. He denied it, but Analía decided to investigate. Her findings would change her view of the father she had loved. Analía has written a book called Llevaré su Nombre (I Carry Your Name). Presenter: Emily Webb Producer: Louise Morris Interpreter: Salomé Paulo
  • The child spy and her secret agent parents
    Sue-Ellen Doherty was trained by her parents to spy for Australia during the Cold War. For Sue-Ellen Kusher, nee Doherty, growing up in the suburbs of Brisbane was far from normal. Both her parents worked for the Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation, ASIO, and in the early days of their marriage, they brought up their three children to be part of the family business. It was the 1950s, and Russian and Chinese communists were regarded as enemies. Sue-Ellen spoke to us in 2021. Presenter: Jo Fidgen Producer: Katy Takatsuki Editor: Munazza Khan
  • A fake billionaire in North Korea, part 2
    Jim is deep undercover in North Korea — but will he find proof of illegal weapons deals... He'd been sent to the isolated country by a documentary film-maker called Mads Brugger, to pose as a fake investor interested in arms. Jim, Mads and the team had spent years infiltrating a North Korean network in Europe, but now they were on North Korean turf the risks were bigger than ever. Jim is treated like a king, but no weapons deals emerge, until suddenly he's driven out of town and taken down into a mysterious basement. Presenter: Emily Webb Producer: Harry Graham Editor: Munazza Khan Sound design: Joel Cox

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