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  • Colin Powell (pictured), Brendan Kennelly, Myriam Sarachik, John Clunies-Ross
    Kirsty Lang on Colin Powell, who rose from an impoverished childhood in Harlem to become US Secretary of State A much loved Irish poet: Brendan Kennelly who learnt his storytelling skills growing up in his father’s pub in County Kerry A ground-breaking female scientist Myriam Sarachik who had to contend with the deeply entrenched sexism And the extraordinary story of John Clunies-Ross - former ruler of the Cocos Islands which he ran for many years as a private fiefdom Produced by Neil George Interviewed guest: Karen de Young Interviewed guest: John Sugar Interviewed guest: Gerald Dawe Interviewed guest: Kenneth Chang Interviewed guest: John George Clunies-Ross Archive clips used: AP, US President Biden on Colin Powell 18/10/2021; NBC, Colin Powell addresses UN Sec Council 2003; Aspen Ideas Festival, Colin Powell 26/09/2007; Bloodaxe Books, Driving to Work With Brendan Kennelly 19/09/2011; CUNY TV, Women to Women - Dr Myriam P. Sarachik 28/04/2005; David R.M. Irving - YouTube, The World of Cocos Malay Music and Dance 30/12/2020; ABC (Australian TV), Dynasties - The Clunies-Ross Family 2004; Movietone, Queen at Cocos Islands and Ceylon 22/04/1954.
  • Abdul Qadeer Khan (pictured), R. Allen Gardner, Joyce Jackson, Beresford King-Smith
    Matthew Bannister on Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, once described as the world’s most dangerous man - but hailed as a hero in his native Pakistan for leading the country’s development of nuclear weapons. Dr. R. Allen Gardner, the American ethologist who trained a chimpanzee to use sign language. Beresford King-Smith, who played a key backstage role in the success of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. And memories of the long life of Joyce Jackson who has died aged 107. Interviewed guest: Stephen Maddock OBE Interviewed guest: Mary Lee Jensvold Interviewed guest: Umer Farooq Interviewed guest: Gordon Corera Interviewed guest: Mary Lee Jensvold Interviewed guest: Sarah Allatt Archive clips used: DocsOnline, Nuclear Tango 26/05/2009; AP, Clinton condemns Pakistans Nuclear Tests 28/05/1998; Al Jazeera English, Abdul Qadeer Khan 10/10/2021; Geo News, Funeral prayers for Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan 10/10/2021; WGBH, BBC Horizon - Washoe the Chimp 04/11/1974; YouTube, Unidentified clip of Beatrix and Allen Gardner with Washoe the Chimp 13/02/2009; Sarah Allatt, Private interviews of Joyce Jackson 2021; BBC, Scrapbook for 1924 23/02/1955; British Pathé, Sir Alan Cobham shows how he will refuel in the air 1934; Inter-Pathé History, British Declaration of War 03/09/1939; BBC Radio 4, On The Town - Birmingham 02/01/1980; Central Television, Simon Rattle on the Record 1988.
  • Antony Hewish (pictured), Roger Michell, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Jane Powell
    Matthew Bannister on Antony Hewish, the radio astronomer who won the Nobel Prize for his work on discovering pulsars. Roger Michell, the film, theatre and TV director who brought us Notting Hill, The Buddha of Suburbia and Persuasion. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the President of Algeria for more than twenty years, who was ousted from power after trying to secure a fifth term in office. And Jane Powell, the American actor, singer and dancer who starred in many classic film musicals in the 1940s and 50s. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Astronomer Royal Lord Rees Interviewed guest: Michael Rowan-Robinson Interviewed guest: Jeremy Sams Interviewed guest: David Benedict Interviewed guest: Maher Mezahi Archive clips used: Web of Stories, Antony Hewish interview 01/08/2017; New York Times, Almost Famous - The Silent Pulse of the Universe 27/07/2021; Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Notting Hill (film) 1999; BBC Radio 3, The Essay – Roger Michell 06/05/2016; BBC 2, Downtown Lagos 07/10/1992; Paramount/Scott Rudin, Changing Lanes (film) 2002; BBC/Millésime Productions/WGBH, Jane Austen’s Persuasion (tv series) 1995; YouTube, From Our Mountains – revolution song; BBC Newsnight, Algerian Elections 15/04/1999; BBC World Service, This Week and Africa – Algeria Referendum 18/09/1999; BBC Radio 4, Today – Algerian Elections 09/04/2009; HBO/VICE News, The Youth-Led Protests That Forced Algeria's President To Not Run Again 13/03/2019; SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Conversation with Jane Powell 02/12/1997; Charles R. Rogers Productions, Song of the Open Road (trailer) 1944; NBC RADIO, The Big Show 12/11/1950.
  • Lord Gowrie, Kamla Bhasin (pictured), Shirley Metherell MBE, Roger Hunt MBE
    Matthew Bannister on Lord Gowrie, the Tory peer who served as Northern Ireland minister and Arts minister under Margaret Thatcher. He was also a poet and went on to chair Sotheby’s and the Arts Council. Kamla Bhasin, the Indian feminist writer who inspired millions of women in her campaigns against patriarchy. Shirley Metherell MBE who founded a centre for the treatment of babies with hearing loss after her own daughter was diagnosed. Roger Hunt MBE, the Liverpool FC striker who played a key role in England’s 1966 World Cup winning team. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) Interviewed guest: Aishwarya Bhuta Interviewed guest: Julie Hughes Interviewed guest: Imogen Manuel Interviewed guest: John Keith Archive clips used: BBC Radio 3, Private Passions - Lord Gowrie 01/08/1998; BBC Radio 4, The Ones That Got Away 01/08/2001; YouTube, Kamla Basin Official - Because I am a Girl 27/03/2020; YouTube, Kamla Bhasin - Slogans for One Billion Rising, 31/10/2013; TEDxDurbarMarg, Kamla Bhasin - In Women We Believe 08/06/2021; The Elizabeth Foundation Charity, Interview with Shirley Metherell MBE; BBC Radio 5Live, Football Daily 29/09/2021; British Pathe, Liverpool vs Leeds 1965 cup final; BBC1 Summer of 66 - Magyr Misery 26/05/1986; YouTube, England vs Scotland April 1966.
  • Jimmy Greaves (pictured), Sir Clive Sinclair, Olivia Jordan, Carolyn Shoemaker
    Julian Worricker on: One of the greatest attacking footballers of all time, Jimmy Greaves, who later became a successful and often very funny TV presenter... The inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, who made home computers and calculators portable and affordable. Olivia Jordan whose heroism during World War 2 saw her driving ambulances through France before she became Charles De Gaulle's translator. And the astrophysicist, Carolyn Shoemaker, one of the world's foremost detectors of comets and asteroids. Interviewed guest: Jim Rosenthal Interviewed guest: Jason Fitzpatrick Interviewed guest: Christopher Curry Interviewed guest: Tessa Dunlop Interviewed guest: Dr Jennifer Wiseman Interviewed guest: David Levy Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Levin Interview: Radio 4 24.06.1984; Today, Radio 4 20.09.2021; Profile, Radio 4 22.03.1979; Newsreel: German Invasion of France 1940, Pathe News; To All Free Frenchmen: Charles de Gaulle on the French Defeat 1940, Pathe News 13.04.2014; The Jupiter Collision - Watch this space, BBC Two 16.07.1994; BBC News: BBC One 22.07.1994.

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