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  • Barriers to Travel
    For some people with visual impairments, when wanting to travel abroad there are many considerations to take into account. Namely, booking assistance at airports and travel requirements for your guide dog, if you have one. Since Brexit, there have been changes to regulations of taking Guide Dogs abroad. Before, owners had to acquire a pet passport but now, a Animal Health Certificate is required. We heard from In Touch listeners that the cost of said certificates can be quite steep and can vary, depending on veterinary practices. We investigate why this is and what the new requirements are with Chris Theobald, Guide Dogs' Senior Campaigns Manager, with David Adams, the President of the European Guide Dogs Federation and with Justine Shotton, who is the President of the British Veterinary Association. Mel Griffiths contacted In Touch when she had a problem with Birmingham Airport's assistance service. She tells us what happened. Presenter: Peter White Producer: Beth Hemmings Production Coordinator: Paul Holloway Website image description: pictured is a couple on a beach with their guide dogs: a German Shepherd and a Golden Labrador. The man is on the left of the image and wears a white and blue check shirt, a white cap and sunglasses. The lady is in the foreground and is wearing a long green and white patterned dress. Behind them is a volleyball net, with tall poles dug into the sand.
  • Travelling
    It could be about time to start planning that long overdue holiday and whether you prefer to stay in the UK or go abroad, we have three experienced visually impaired travellers on hand to share their advice of making the most of a holiday. The North Wales Accessible Holidays for Blind and Visually Impaired is a charity run by Nigel Garry and his wife, Karen. They can offer free fully adapted accessible caravan holidays. Nigel tells us about his charity and his own preferences to holiday within the UK. Nicola Naylor is a Paralympian horse rider who has travelled far and wide, both alone and with family and friends. She tells us about her travel experiences; amongst them, how she went about not making her young daughter feel the responsibility of being her guide. Rosie Fluskey globetrots with her husband, Karl. They produce a travel blog called Flying Fluskey, to document their trips and to share travel tips and advice for people who perhaps don't feel confident to go overseas. Presenter: Peter White Producer: Beth Hemmings Production Coordinator: Liz Poole Website image description: a close-up shot of two mature women disembarking an airplane. The woman on the left is visually impaired and is holding her folded up cane in her right hand. Both women are wearing casual clothing.
  • Self-Confidence
    Self-confidence can be impacted by many factors when you have a visual impairment or when gradually losing your sight. We look into confidence through the lens of beauty and self-care products and psychology. Procter & Gamble own many household name brands, within beauty, haircare and personal grooming. Their Accessibility Leader, Sam Latif is blind and she has introduced features to some of their big-name products to make them more accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. We talk to her about these and how the wider beauty industry needs to become more accessible. But of course, self-confidence expands far wider than just self-care and beauty products and so we talk to humanistic counsellor, David Best about the kinds issues surrounding confidence that he hears about from his visually impaired clients. Presenter: Fern Lulham Producer: Beth Hemmings Production Coordinator: Liz Poole Website image description: On a desk is a variety of beauty products. From the left is a make-up brush with a green handle, two bottles of skincare products stand behind it and a white bottle of soap with a pump behind those. In the background and blurred is a pink lipstick with a black and gold handle. In the centre of the image is an iPad or tablet with a person's hand reaching town to touch the screen. The image represents how technology can sometimes be helpful to people's beauty and self-care routines.
  • Guide Dog Refusals at Indoor Establishments; NaviLens
    In recent years, charity Guide Dogs have published research that found 75% of guide dog owners had experienced some form of refusal of entry. Unfortunately, guide dog refusals are still very common and so we look into what steps you can take if it happens at an indoor establishment, for example: restaurants, shops, garden centres etc. We speak to a guide dog owner about his recent experience when being refused entry into a restaurant and to Clive Wood, the Lead Regional Policy and Campaigns Manager at Guide Dogs. If you're a savvy smartphone user, you may have heard of NaviLens. It is an app that enables visually impaired people to detect and scan special QR codes from a distance. On detecting the code, the app then makes the information contained within it accessible. It can dictate what you are facing toward, read signage at busy train stations and its also attached to many beauty and food products, enabling you to hear the ingredients. The RNIB's Marc Powell explains how it could be a potentially useful tool for blind or low vision smartphone users. Presenter: Peter White Producer: Fern Lulham Production Coordinator: Liz Poole Website image description: pictured is a golden Labrador guide dog helping a man descend some stairs. The image is blurred in places, representing how the legalities surrounding guide dog refusals are sometimes confused and misunderstood.
  • Elections Bill - The Final Decision; Accessible Opera
    The Elections Bill passed the final reading stages in the House of Lords and will soon receive Royal Assent to be passed into law. We discuss the amendments which were approved in the House of Lords and were proposed by visually impaired Life Peer, Lord Holmes of Richmond. The amendments aim to provide blind and partially sighted people the right to vote at polling stations independently and in secret. We speak to Lord Holmes about what these amendments mean for you in future elections. The Graeae Theatre Company are currently touring the UK with an opera about an 18th Century blind woman composer called Maria Theresia von Paradis. The opera is called The Paradis files and it has disability access at its core; with integrated audio description, signing and an all disabled cast and artistic team. We speak to Selina Mills, who co-wrote the libretto and to the star of the show, Bethan Langford who sings the role of Maria Theresia. Presenter: Peter White Producer: Beth Hemmings Production Coordinator: Liz Poole Website image description: pictured are five cast members of The Paradis Files on stage. Bethan Langford stands in the middle, inside of a large gilded frame with red curtains on either side. All of the cast members have their right hand raised and are smiling. In the foreground in front of Bethan, are two 18th century style chairs with dark brown wood and embellished with tactile markings. Photographer Patrick Baldwin captured the image.

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