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  • Lesson 197 - Cartoon Museum
    Aliza is a curator at the new Israeli Cartoon Museum. She invites the mayor to the opening of the museum, recognizing his role in raising funds for the museum.
  • Lesson 196 - Mobile Dog Spa
    Ilana was surprised to see a mobile dog spa near their home. When Yossi confessed that it was for their dog, Lola, Ilana thought it was too much pampering. But Yossi soon convinced her that it will make their lives easier.
  • Lesson 195 - Spice Farm
    Batya and Moti are brother and sister that inherited the management of the spice farm from their father. They are excited to assume the responsibility of being the third generation to manage the farm and to inject their own new ideas.
  • Lesson 194 - Apollonia National Park
    Keren and Rami are invited to a birthday costume party. The theme is historical figures. For their costume, they look for inspiration in the photos they took while visiting Apollonia National Park.
  • Lesson 193 - Clocks Theft Mystery
    Sarit and Danny are police detectives. Danny complains to Sarit about an investigation that is proving hard to solve. Sarit recounts the great mystery of the theft of the clock collection.

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