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Tokyo Tales

Podcast Tokyo Tales
Podcast Tokyo Tales

Tokyo Tales


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  • Tokyo Tales: Back from Canada
    We spent a month in Canada and had a very different experience than what we're used to. So, for this podcast, we'll tell you what we did in Canada, and try to figure out how to do this video shooting thing again :D
  • Tokyo Tales: Staying Playful
    We had a good question from a user who wants to know how to stay playful as an adult, especially since everyone around them is getting so serious as they get older. What's our secret? We'll talk about it for this week's podcast!
  • Tokyo Tales: Check in On Yourself
    If everything's going well, but you're not feeling alright, is there something wrong with you, or could there be something else at play? Especially if you're in Chronic Pain, how does that affect how you perceive the world?
  • Tokyo Tales: Chasing Sunsets
    We followed some gorgeous sunsets, and ended up in a whole new area we've never encountered, and had some dope experiences.
  • Tokyo Tales: What Is Workaholism?
    We don't know the answer to this question, but we're pretty sure we had an issue with workaholism back in Korea. Are we still workaholics now? That's what we're unsure about.

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