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  • Abigail Disney comes out against her family’s company for pay inequity
    Abigail Disney, the great niece of Walt, has spent years calling out the company for not paying its workers a living wage. She co-directed the new documentary called “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales.” Hurricane Ian is the first major storm to hit the Tampa Bay area in more than a century. Like many coastal regions, its population has rapidly grown. Explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines have disrupted natural gas supplies to Europe. Meanwhile, thousands of military-aged men are fleeing Russia after Putin mobilized reserve forces. Prop 30 is a tax increase on people making more than $2 million per year — to fund climate programs. Most of California’s Democratic establishment endorses it — except Gov. Newsom. As Angel City Football Club nears the end of its first season, it has drawn thousands of fans, sold out games, and attracted more sponsorship revenue than expected.
  • What happens if you ignore subpoenas from Jan. 6 Select Committee?
    Wednesday was supposed to be the next January 6 insurrection hearing, but the U.S. House Select Committee postponed it due to Hurricane Ian threatening the Florida coast. What to expect when lawmakers reconvene? America often thinks of itself as a hero during World War II. But its culpability during the Holocaust is the subject is a new PBS documentary. Sometimes black market dealers buy blocks of restaurant reservations. So some establishments now have memberships for booking ahead.
  • Bad Bunny’s music is political force, connects with LGBTQ audiences
    Bad Bunny’s latest music video focuses on Puerto Rico and its people’s ability to preserve amid chronic power outages five years after Hurricane Maria. Giorgia Meloni is likely to become Italy’s first female prime minister and the country’s first far-right leader since World War II. Her coalition won the most votes over the weekend. An Arizona judge has ruled the state’s Civil War-era prohibition of abortions can be enforced. It’s the latest state to restrict access to the procedure. The Biden administration has chosen two sections off the California coast to build massive wind turbines, but environmentalists and commercial fishing groups are concerned. Mississippi sued Brett Favre this year for allegedly misspending state welfare funds on sports stadiums. Now newly released text messages show Favre pressured the state’s former governor to secure that funding.
  • Defiant protests sweep Iran over Mahsa Amini’s death, hijab laws
    Protests are raging in Iran and across the world this week in response to 22-year-old Mahsa Amini’s death in police custody. She was arrested for not properly wearing her hijab. Wednesday night’s debates were heated between LA County sheriff candidates Robert Luna and Alex Villanueva, plus mayoral hopefuls Karen Bass and Rick Caruso. Nearly a year has passed since cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed while filming “Rust.” The incident is still under investigation. Critics review the latest film releases: “Don’t Worry Darling,” “Catherine, Called Birdy,” “The Justice of Bunny King,” and “Sidney.” Caponata is the sweet and sour Sicilian vegetable dish that’s an ode to the eggplant. It’s great as part of a charcuterie board or on own as a starter served with crackers.
  • What’s driving more Venezuelan migrants to US?
    More Venezuelans are fleeing their home country to the U.S., and they’ve become pawns in a political fight between Republican governors and Democratic mayors. When seeing a doctor, each diagnosis, procedure, and service has a code. Those labels and classifications affect what insurance will pay for, but they haven’t kept up with transgender care. During one of Donald Trump’s recent rallies, he appeared to embrace QAnon, a fringe movement that combines conspiracy theories, putting Trump at the center as an almost Messiah-like figure. Key to the perfect tortilla is the dough — masa. Jorge Gaviria has a new book out about the history of the ingredient, which he considers one of the greatest human inventions.

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