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  • Fallout of deporting Haitian migrants, plus CA’s potential ban on ‘stealthing’ during sex
    Following the deportation of thousands of Haitian migrants from the U.S.-Mexico, the U.S. special envoy to Haiti has resigned. Some migrants have been admitted into the U.S., but others are still waiting in a squalid encampment outside Del Rio, Texas. One Sacramento-area school district is preparing for an influx of new Afghan refugee students. And Gov. Gavin Newsom has a state bill on his desk that would outlaw “stealthing” — the non-consensual removal of a condom during sex.
  • What Facebook knows about IG’s harm on teens, and how 30-year-olds are buying $1 million LA homes
    New information is out about how Trump wanted to seize a second presidential term. The new book “Peril” reveals that Trump’s lawyers gave Mike Pence a strategy for overturning the election results. More renters became first-time homeowners during the pandemic, and the average home price in LA is $1 million. Who can afford it? Press Play also looks at internal research of Instagram’s harmful effects on girls — and the lack of effort to resolve body image and mental stress issues. Finally, “Bodies” host Allison Behringer gives a preview of the third season of her podcast.
  • Why overseas orders are taking so long to arrive, and LA gets new movie museum
    At the United Nations, President Biden is trying to make the case that “America is back.” But the world may be skeptical, given the U.S.’ dust-up with France over a nuclear submarine deal, the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, and COVID-19 surge.  Johnson & Johnson has released new research showing that a second dose of its vaccine increases protection against COVID-19. What does this mean for Americans wanting booster shots? LA and Long Beach ports are clogged, and most crews have to wait more than a week before they can dock their ships, so all the goods they’re carrying are in short supply on land. Also, Press Play looks at the enduring popularity of “Antiques Roadshow,” and peeks inside the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which is set to open September 30. 
  • Haitian migrants at the border, politicization of Supreme Court, and more men skipping college
    Thousands of migrants, mostly from Haiti, are camping under a bridge in the Texas border town of Del Rio. Border patrol agents on horses have been rounding up people, as hundreds have been crossing the Rio Grande River for supplies and food. Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court justices are arguing that they’re not politicians, but law professor Jessica Levinson says to expect conservative decisions on abortion, gun control, affirmative action, and more. Also, the number of men enrolled in college is declining. Press Play looks at the driving factors, and what this could mean for forming new families.
  • BD Wong on playing Awkwafina’s dad and teaching audiences about anti-Asian racism
    Comedy Central’s hit show “Awkwafina is Nora from Queens,” now in season two, is loosely based on the life of actress/musician Awkwafina. Her father, Wally, is played by BD Wong (“Law and Order: SVU,” “Jurassic Park”). He talks to Press Play about how this role is a refreshing departure from all his past ones, and how directing an episode is his chance to remind audiences of the impact of anti-Asian sentiment.  Critics also review the latest films, including “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” and “Prisoners of the Ghostland.” Gov. Newsom recently signed two major housing bills, and one former translator for the U.S. military shares his efforts to get his family out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. 

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