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  • Word of the Year! Gaslighting
    GASLIGHTING…    Do you even know what gaslighting means?   Gaslighting: A form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victims mind. Typically gas lighters are seeking to gain power & control over a person by distorting reality & forcing them to question their own judgment and intuition    Is there someone that comes to mind when you hear that? What do you do when that has happened to you?    We often talk about standing in your power & own your power.    Don’t go into this victim mentality, ask yourself if you stood up for yourself if you spoke your truth & communicated the way you KNOW you should have.    Oftentimes people push your boundaries to see how far they can push. Maybe they are gaslighting you and manipulating you, maybe they are just seeing how far they can push you.    Before you start to blame someone for gaslighting you, maybe you should take a good hard look at yourself & think… Did I allow that to happen?    Oftentimes we lay blame on another person, but the reality is, we play an equal part.    If you feel like you’re being manipulated by someone, instead of spiraling down all your stories, stand in your power & VOICE your opinion.    Do you avoid conflict by letting yourself get walked all over or do you use your voice & stand in your power?    Communicating doesn’t have to be hard. It's only hurting YOU by not communicating & sharing how you really feel. 
  • People Pleasing & Avoiding Conflict
    Are you a people pleaser or a conflict avoider    Remember that as a stylist, you are there to provide your clients with an outcome. YOU are the professional. They are trusting your opinion.     Keep in mind your clients have already ( or should have ) done their research. They are coming to you because they love your work; they love you & trust that you can give them the outcome they want.    Never be afraid to speak as a professional.    You need to communicate that to your client. By explaining your reasoning, that builds trust with your clients & a lasting stylist/client relationship.    As a stylist, don’t get stuck with the process. Don’t focus on how many foils you’re going to do; focus on the OUTCOME.    The same goes for things in life. Don’t get so stuck on the process. Focus on the outcome & trust the process that it will unfold how it’s meant to.    When you’re the professional, you need to take ownership of that power that you’re standing in.    We have all these hours of education, and we KNOW what we are supposed to be doing, but yet, we let the clients dictate what they want, how they want it done, etc. YOU are the prize. You are the professional.    We need to stand behind our work & stand behind our profession & put our foot down.    At the end of the day, the client thinks they know what they want, but really they are looking for an outcome.    If you are sitting here thinking about certain situations that you have been in, consider that you allowed that to happen.    Figure out what your boundaries are and STICK to them. Whether it’s in your caterer or your life, make sure you’re sticking to your boundaries & you won’t find yourself stuck in “people pleasing” situations.    It’s so important to figure out how to be the most effective both in front of the chair & behind.    That is NOT sustainable long term.    How can you create better boundaries & success for the outcome you’re looking for?
  • Let That Sh*t Go!
    How often in life do you find yourself looking for free time, wishing you weren’t so overwhelmed? Do you wish that you weren’t spread so thin? You’re exhausted, you’re tired, you come home & just want to crash… Although it’s hard to let go, especially when you feel like no one can do it as good as you can, we have all been there. However, it’s SO important for you to let go! That way you have more time and you have more freedom to do the things that you actually wish you were doing. How nice would it be to actually be able to go home & spend time with your family, and actually have the energy to do so? Whether you’re inside of the salon, working, or whether you’re a mom at home… What things can you let go of to create more space? You have to be willing to slow down to speed up. There is no such thing as perfect, it’s just your version of doing things. So think about it this way, if you are spread so thin… Are you truly giving your best at all of the things that you have to get done? You can create space for spending more time with your kids, you can create more space for marketing for your business, you can even create more space to just do something for YOURSELF. Being busy is different than being productive. So get out of your feelings & look at the facts. Measure how productive you are being & figure out how to make some changes so that you can have the time you need for the things you really want to do! Ask yourself, what is something that you can let go of to create more space for yourself? If you're ready to take back your time and learn how to start working less while making more, then it's time you join DKW® Styling Academy! Learn more about The Academy here:
  • No Target is Too Small, When Broken Down Into Daily Actions
    No target is too small.    Having said that…Do you start right away & start where you’re at, OR are you waiting for the circumstance to be perfect before you even start?    Let’s just be honest; we are all guilty of waiting for the circumstances to be “perfect” before we start a project sometimes.   It's really easy to create stories or excuses about why you’re not doing something. But the truth is, you have to be MORE than what you’re doing. You have to continue to put yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you can continue to grow.    Figure out what it is that you want to do and what it is that you want to offer inside of your salon or even just your life. Not everything has to align for you to start perfectly.  You have all these big targets, which is great, but in order to achieve those big things, you need to set smaller targets.    Another really important step that we often forget is giving ourselves gratitude. Acknowledge what you HAVE done! That will also help give you the motivation to keep going.    If you’re not doing anything, you're not going to hit ANY goals.    You cannot measure your targets and where you want to go if you don't know where you are right now.    So ask yourself… What can you do TODAY to help you towards your goal?    Although STARTING can be scary at times, what is even scarier is looking back and realizing that NOTHING has changed in years. So although it can be scary, do it scared & celebrate the wins!  Ready to join NBR® Education? Click HERE to learn about education opportunities!
  • Why Bother with Continued Education?
    It's episode 200 of The Big Money Stylist Podcast! And what better topic than why you should always continue with education?  Just because you’re good at hair doesn’t mean you're an educator, and even then you should STILL be continuing your education! Just because you take one course does not mean you are an expert.    Maybe you are certified, but do you actually know what you’re doing?    You might be taking a ton of different certification courses, but actually continuing your education is a little different because you can really dive into your craft & perfect every little thing.   What does continuing your education mean to you? That might be something you want to ask yourself. Do you find yourself wanting MORE?   Continued education should be intentional.    Are you hitting your checklist of going to classes, or are you actually able to apply this to your business? Your bank account should reflect your progress. If you can see actual evidence of your growth, then it is working! You are growing!  You can do it, and you can hit the checklist, or you can commit to the outcome. That is where you can look at something with intention & really figure out where you want to go.    Analyze your own work. Be open to feedback. Really look at your work & find something that you can work on, then find something you did a great job with.    It is important to look at your goals, start where you’re at & then commit. Don’t forget to celebrate how far you have come. That is HUGE! You cannot truly appreciate how far you have come and recognize your growth if you’re not celebrating the wins! Do NOT let your stories dictate your actions.  You got this & remember to commit & be consistent with the small things. The small consistencies are going to give you the biggest growth! If you're ready to continue your education, then we have an offer just for you! The NBR® Online Course is a great way to be introduced to the method of Natural Beaded Rows®. CLICK HERE to learn more about what our education can do for you!

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