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  • 329: It Comes In Threes
    Next week will be a flurry of tech announcements, including the long-awaited and much-revealed Pixel 6 event. Will Google announce something else alongside the sixth-generation smartphone? We'll also discuss why Google has decided to stop making its iOS apps look so much like Android. And then, why are so many Waymo self-driving cars in San Francisco getting stuck at the same dead-end street? (Spoiler: We still haven't figured it out.)
  • 328: It Happens
    Last week's episode of Material is Very Late. But we're here, and we've got a ton to say on yesterday's Google news. We'll recap everything we already know about the Pixel 6 through leaks. We'll also discuss why Android 12 isn't technically out yet, even though it is, and why it's not _that_ big of a deal that Windows 11 will run Android apps. Then we'll explain how not to needle the battery.
  • 327: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
    Google took the week to show off the new visual abilities of its search engine using its Multitask Unified Model (or MUM). YouTube has finally staked a claim against anti-vaxxers, just as it's facing a possible ban in Russia. And, we bet you can't guess what the most searched term is on Bing.
  • 326: When Birds Attack
    A major week for Android announcements! Microsoft is making another bet on the platform with the Surface Duo 2. Google pushed through a wave of new features to Android phones everywhere, including some that were previously Pixel-only. And we'll tell you what happens when Google drones trespass on raven territory.
  • 325: Tablet Furioso
    Flo is not comfortable with the idea of Andy going back to the iPhone 13, so Andy tries to reassure her. We talk about Apple, anyway, because the event got us thinking about what we're missing from Android in the tablet realm. We also talk about Google resurrecting the Nexus brand to give the Pixel 6 its official hurrah. And then, a tip for folks curious on how the new Google Assistant routines work with alarms.

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