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Myths and Legends

Podcast Myths and Legends
Podcast Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends


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  • 289-Viking Sagas: Half the Man
    The story of Half's Heroes, from the Icelandic Sagas. If you don't like being burned alive...and also do absolutely nothing to avoid the completely avoidable fate of being burned alive...can you even call yourself a man? The creature this week is the Ubigabi (姥ヶ火), the flaming head that's barreling toward you in the night. -- Sponsors: Best Fiends: Connect with us on Best Fiends with Friend Code: 2829841 Shopify: Sign up for a FREE trial at (all lowercase!) Helix Sleep: Get $200 dollars off all mattress orders AND 2 free pillows at Indeed: Start hiring at the show: for privacy information.
  • 288-Viking Sagas: The Pillage People
    The Saga of Half and His Heroes from Icelandic folklore starts with Odin spitting in a family's ale and only gets stranger from there. The creatures are the Ellyllon, the flower glove wearing, grocery-store-visting, fungus eaters. -- Links! Scoundrel! That comic book villain podcast we have: The shocking potato thing: -- Sponsors: Bombas: Get 20% off your first purchase at Best Fiends: Download Best Fiends for free on the App Store or Google play and earn $5-worth of in- game rewards when you reach Level 5. Friend us with code: 2829841 Canva: Get a FREE 45-day extended trial at -- Music: "Dusting" by Blue Dot Sessions "Transit Chrysl" by Blue Dot Sessions "Cicle DR Valga" by Blue Dot Sessions "Drone Pine" by Blue Dot Sessions "Pickers" by Blue Dot Sessions "Chel Vela" by Blue Dot Sessions  Support the show: for privacy information.
    Good Cult is an investigative podcast about the dark corners of the New Age self-help movements and the American counterculture. In season one, host River Donaghey will explore his family's group therapy cult to unpack the strange history of the Human Potential Movement, and try to understand how a violent self-help seminar in the 1980s evolved into a global phenomenon, which would capture his own family decades later. Apple Podcasts: Spotify: the show: for privacy information.
  • 287-Korean Legends: Sob Story
    This week, it's the story of Stupid Ondal and the Princess Pyeonggang, where we see that it's Pyeonggang's birthday, and she can cry if she wants to. Oh, it's the next birthday, and she's still crying? Wait, three years down the road, and she hasn't stopped. Should someone find out what's wrong? The king just wants to threaten her with marriage to a guy he sees as terrible? Yeah, this should end well. The creature is Lazy Laurence. He guards apple orchards. And also doesn't mind a little backwash. -- A solid source for this week's episode: -- Sponsors: Indeed: Start hiring at Simplisafe: Free indoor security camera plus 20% off with Interactive Monitoring at Bombas: 20% off your first purchase at Shopify: Free 14-day trial at -- Music: "Selena Leica" by Blue Dot Sessions "Lady Marie" by Blue Dot Sessions "Cornicob" by Blue Dot Sessions "Drone Thistle" by Blue Dot SessionsSupport the show: for privacy information.
  • 286-Japanese folklore: Cat Dad
    Tokutarō is not going to be tricked by fox monsters. He's just not. Also, a dad has a big problem with the new pet cat. Two stories from Japan about things not being what they seem (or things being exactly what they seem). -- New Scoundrel out this week! Some of the most famous paintings in the world are now publicly visible only because a woman tried to have her own son murdered! That disclaimer: -- Sponsor: June's Journey! Check it out on the App Store, Google Play, or on PC on Facebook Games! -- Music: "Plaid Shapes" by Blue Dot SessionsSupport the show: for privacy information.

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