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  • Satish Kumar and the Peacock
    Satush Kumar was born in Rajasthan, India, where the Peacock, the Mayura, is a sacred bird and also associated with the monsoon. In India, it is believed that after the long, hot summer peacocks come out and display their bright and vibrant feathers in an extravagant dance to please Indra, the god of rain, before calling to let the rains begin, bringing relief to plants, animals, soils and humans. You can hear more from Satish in the second Tweet of the Week Omnibus editions available on the Radio 4 website. Aside from choosing his personal birds for the Omnibus, Satish's thoughts and teachings reflect in his recent writing on elegant simplicity, something which maybe the western world has become disconnected from, yet nature is all around us. Producer : Andrew Dawes Image : Copyright Resurgence Magazine
  • Satish Kumar on the Blackbird
    Peace & environment activist, Satish Kumar has lived in Devon for many years. In his garden he loves hearing the sweet melodious calls from a blackbird singing on a stone wall. Producer : Andrew Dawes Picture : Copyright Gregg Dalgllish / Resurgence Magazin
  • Gillian Clarke and the Grey Heron
    For Welsh poet and playwright Gillian Clarke she has had two close encounters with a grey heron, including the one in her garden reminding her of a Bishop wearing vestments. You can hear more from Gillian in the Tweet of the Week Omnibus available on BBC Sounds Producer : Andrew Dawes
  • Gillian Clarke on the Red Kite
    Welsh poet and playwright Gillian Clarke first saw a red kite in the Welsh mountains as a child, a bird which now has expanded east and now Gillian regularly sees them sky-dancing over Reading while she travels to London on the train. You can hear more from Gillian in her Tweet of the Week omnibus, available as a download from the website, or on BBC Sounds Producer : Andrew Dawes
  • Geoff Samples Dupont's Lark
    For wildlife sound recordist Geoff Sample the strange sound of Dupont's lark is something of an enigma, as despite recording half a dozen birds he has never actually seen one. Producer : Andrew Dawes

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