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  • 413: Okay let's talk about the polycule
    We're revisiting FTX and what we've learned since last week's recording about the goings-on chez team FTX. Then, Bob Iger is back at Disney! The stock market is optimistic — can he make the magic happen again? Last but not least, let's dish about Mastodon. In the wake of Twitter's slow implosion, many people have moved over to the decentralized social network — and Christina has some opinions.
  • 412: Fake It Till You Make It
    FTX has collapsed so spectacularly over the last couple weeks. Let's start digging into the downfall of crypto's golden boy and a company that many thought was stable. Then, it's a dip into what the heck is going on at Twitter. It ain't good! Writer Alanis King joins us to discuss her book written with Elizabeth Blackstock, Racing with Rich Energy. It tells the story of the rise and fall of one of F1's weirder sponsor scams, and it is Delicious.
  • 411: TWiT Takeover!
    This week on Rocket — TWIT TAKES OVER! Or, we take over TWiT! Leo Laporte was kind enough to have the whole Rocket gang on his show this week, where we talked at length about Elon Musk's ongoing chaos at Twitter, and Brianna ran a demented quiz for Leo and Christina.
  • 410: Twitter Is Over
    Elon Musk bought Twitter. Now what? Then, Henry Cavill is leaving The Witcher!! Nooo!!
  • 409: Rest In Piece, Lightning
    An AV company shuts down, Apple kills a cable, and Taylor Swift releases Midnights. All that and more on Rocket as we prepare for a year of being forced to cover Twitter on a weekly basis!

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