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Podcast KCRW To the Point
Podcast KCRW To the Point

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  • UN won’t end Russia-Ukraine war, diversity can threaten democracy
    The United Nations can’t stop Russia’s war on Ukraine. And author Yascha Mounk says more diversity is a threat to democracy, but he’s still hopeful. 
  • Ukraine faces ‘bloody stalemate’ — and 4 other scenarios
    Russia’s assault on Ukraine is the most destructive event in Europe since World War II, and though it’s hard to determine how or when it might end, a team from Foreign Policy magazine came up with an assessment of what might be in store for Ukraine. 
  • Will sanctions against Russia make Putin more volatile?
    What does the first week of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine say about the likelihood of a cyber and nuclear war? While the West imposes heavy sanctions, Russian forces encounter fierce Ukrainian resistance on the ground.  
  • Why protesting at politicians’ homes may help undo climate change
    An environmental activist is calling on like-minded advocates to build an “adamant nonviolent movement” to rapidly reach zero emissions. 
  • California is no longer climate change leader, says assembly speaker
    California is losing its leadership position in the effort to mitigate climate change, and politics and other disasters may be to blame, according to a state lawmaker. Also, while two probes into the failed attempt to overturn the 2020 election results are underway, some have intensified their efforts to normalize the insurrection. 

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