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Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast

Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast
Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast


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  • Episode 86: Halshack Ep 23.5 (RAP SHACK 3) Sept 2021 (Bonus show)-- WARNING!! 18+ EXPLICIT CONTENT--
    Well Happy Birthday to me!! I'm turning 50 you see!! It's time for the gift of music! It's time for the RAP SHACK 3!!  Pretty good for Gen X to flex past what you see to get to your ears that will agree! Music is what my Gen is known for! You will not find a more knowledgeable person about the music industry than a Gen X native. One could say that most of us never really grew up! We've managed to learn how to blend the old with the new and have a unique perspective on life, values, and experiences. I'm using that knowledge and background here with 30 plus years of rap history and skills swirling in my head to bring TOP quality shows to YOU the listener each and every time. Each episode is different and each episode has different themes and I try to always make a point to never overplay the same tunes. SO FAR this RAP series has had no repeats!! Almost 60 different indie tunes with skills on par or above any major artist in the industry! MOST are some of the best I've ever heard! So we're serving up a special entourage collective of the 845 area code in NY! G845, C.O.I.N. , LaughatProblems (LAP), and WUNDA 845 slingin' top tier rap/hip-hop/urban pop from the Queen state! Also featuring our debut newcomers MIGS718 and LADIBREE from MLM ENTERTAINMENT! My partner Mike Hoffman has his son on the mic (Migs) doing his thang cruisin' in a "Two Door Coupe" while Ladibree is running the roads with her black rims "(like) she stole that s#!t from BRUCE WAYNE"...lolAnd of course we cant forget our resident bad asses on the mic Youngie and BGOOD! Youngie just released some new tracks on their Spotify profile! Plenty of great diverse tunes from this up and coming rising talent! Bgood is always busy on tour bringin' good beats to the world!Shout out to 2 more newcomers JAWNY BADLUCK and JAYBREEZY both hailing from the southwest in New Mexico! Maybe you 2 can collab together. That would be cool to hear! Also more newcomers found by way of the BSQUARE MGMT show! Mandi Macias, Tre Woods, AJ Smets did a collab on pop/rap song at the beginning "Be Like That" ...could be a HUGE hit! Jaybreezy did a collab with Olivia King on "Just Believe", certainly make you believe in their abilities to go far in this industry! Well done to all involved!Now lets have a great show!Find my popular show all over the world in a 100 countries or right here at my website!www.halshack.comZENO FM--- 24 hour radio me on Iheart, Itunes, Amazon many more!Thanks for helping our striving musicians try to thrive in this ever changing music world!
  • Episode 85: Halshack Ep 23.5 (SHAKE-IT-SHACK) Sept 2021- Bonus show (Club Shack)
    ALERT ALERT!! (Halshack Records presents- "first ever created" track with DUSTIN WUTSCHKE produced and Cristina Soto on vocals!EXCLUSIVE MUSIC ---- DANCE/CLUB/POP SHOW!! Ep 23.5 (Shake it Shack) Sept 2021Well well, would you look at me not dwell on the usual way of doing business around the Halshack! We're gonna "club" it out this time! Keeping with the summer theme let's have one last party to send the summer out with a bang! I'm covering all the bases from dance pop rock to club dance to techno pop to everything in between. There is also a "SPECIAL TRACK" made by Dustin Wutschke and myself with Cristina Soto on vocals with our FIRST EVER  Halshack Records exclusive created track "SHINE" (cover photo). There's a special treat at the end with the last 2 songs (both have received some commercial success) and both are "special endorsements" that run under my podcast brand.Fall is upon us and so is the Battleshack 3! Hard to believe it's been 4 years since the first BS! My my how the show and the talent have changed! I was marked for greatness with the onset of the show and its all these bands that have helped carry my name with their quality talented skills and I'm very honored to have their backing!UNDECIDED FUTURE is ever so closer to gaining their "15 minutes" of fame that hopefully lasts a lifetime! They are that GOOD and they could very well have many many years of longevity in the industry after seeing their "potential" chance to be on TV for NBC next summer come to fruition! We are awaiting the final word from the company! The future looks fresh with Halshack and UF!! Teammwork makes the dream work!! Check them out with a new track I haven't played yet on my show from them! You know what we're gonna make it "EXCLUSIVE" to this show only! Get it here and only here!! Brand new track (never been aired on the Halshack) from UF! Also catch "FUTURE FRESH" on Amazon Music exclusive 13 minute UF mash-up (3 full songs and 2 bonus sections)Too much to say!! Too much to cover!! Check out the latest BSQUARED MGMT show and one of those artists (Mandi Macias) made this show here with her really cool dance hit "Take You Home". Check her out again in the upcoming super special RAP SHACK 3!!!Follow HALSHACK everywhere you find your music (except SPOTIFY) and find everything Halshack at my website www.halshack.comOne day soon I will be getting "paid" to do this for real out in the live setting and it will be the BEST DANG PARTY YOU WILL EVER HAVE!!! That's the HALSHACK promise!!!So y'all dance your ass off!! Have a blast on my dime and  
  • Episode 84: Halshack Ep 23.5 (DARE TO BE SQUARED) Aug 26, 2021- (BSquared MGMT-- special bonus show)
     ALERT ALERT!! ---------ALL-NEW  music bonus show!!Ep 23.5 (Dare to Be Squared) Aug 26, 2021-- Special bonus introduction from yours trulyAs fate and destiny would have it, a little birdie must have landed on Sarah Woods desk at BSQUARED MGMT and tweeted in her phone to look up the Halshack! I'm not sure how she found me yet whether it was the little twitter bird or the book of many faces...(lol) with a well placed promotional post, that has yet to be discovered. I love a good mystery!...lolSo keeping with the story about our pre-destined futures, turns out that one of our very own artists, LAINEY DIONNE, is part of their team unbeknownst to either one of us. Sarah didn't say one word about it when she approached me so I just assume she had no idea. I brought that point up so she was happy to hear that great news!  (That's usual par for the course with me, everything just falls into place on its I dug through a rabbit hole folks for 10 hours of somewhere in the ballpark of 60 profiles at least and honed in on the A-class talent of the BSquared roster. Lainey has a new album coming out in less than a week and you can (Pre-Save) on Spotify as well as catch her in 3 other episodes of my popular show! Also she is in a contest in New England so please check out her social pages to find links. She has been nominated for 5 different categories. GO VOTE FOR LAINEY!! Thank you!!My show has hit 350 markets around the world in over 100 countries over the course of its 7 year history! I'm very proud and thankful for the fanbase and respect I have earned in the industry! We are moving ever so closer to a record label and entertainment behemoth! BIG NEWS may be afoot as we look forward to helping to decide the fate of NBC scouted band UNDECIDED FUTURE in a new show coming next summer, they are almost at the final decision to be on the show) We're rooting for you guys!!! We are working on some things behind the scenes together that may prove beneficial for so many aspiring hopefuls that have graced my show.This is why important people from the President of Reverbnation and NBC casting scouts have come to me for talent as well as many stars have allowed exclusive music projects for my show! I'm so very honored to have their approval and endorsement!! Check out CAVO with their endorsed version of "Come Undone" by DURAN DURAN!! Its an exclusive for my show as well. Find it in EP 23 DESTINY"S FATE! So lets try to change a destiny or two with my intervention into these artists lives. The Halshack is becoming connected! One day we aspire to be much more than a radio/video/ and blog review show! There's too many ways to help indie artists and change the course of music for the future back to quality like we used to have littering the airwaves and invading your ears for decades! What happened to that magic??? The magic of fun music used to rule the world!Now go find everything Halshack at my website!!www.halshack.comFind my show all over the web just google me or hit up anyone of your favorite music sites from Deezer, Iheart, Itunes, Amazon Music, Stitcher, Google Play, Podomatic, Player FM, and many more....(NO SPOTIFY) sorry long story but they want allow me on because I'm music and that's a NO NO in their podcasting policy! I was on for ONE YEAR and they kicked me off for that reason. Built 13,000 monthly listeners and POOF!! Gone!! Email from the company that was the reason! Have fun!! Follow me on social media!!Catch you in a couple weeks for a "Club Shack" called (SHAKE-IT-SHACK) Will include Mandi Macias in that show from this list and there will be a RAP SHACK 3 soon as well and will include these rap collabs that are in this show plus other top talent of mine and some new talent coming (maybe) from my manager/partner associate Mike Loco Hoffman and MLM ENTERTAINMENT!Thanks for tuning In!! Look out for BATTLESHACK 3!!!Please go follow my social media pages!!Thanks for rockin' the HALSHACK!!
  • Episode 83: Halshack Ep 23.5 (Big Blue Ska) Aug 2021- bonus show
    BRAND NEW MUSIC ALERT!!Ep 23.5 BIG BLUE SKA- Get your summer ska/reggae fix here!Probably my favorite style of music! This show covers various influences from ska, reggae, funk and blues! Its summer time and this is a great show to go along with Ep 22.5 SUMMERSCAPES! Let's continue the party here! The never ending party that is the Halshack!!SEE WATER is back after a 2 year hiatus! Check them out at the TREE LOVE OPEN in Johns Island SC. Its a DISC GOLF open tourney and a festival. You can just attend the festival if you want. Go to the festival event page on Facebook or the web or SEE WATER's social pages to buy tickets.Hope you enjoy this cool summer treat for chillin' by the pool or wherever you are taking your backyard vacation! Wherever you go or whatever you do, do it with style! Do it with the HALSHACK!!Thanks for all your support and help in supporting these bands to succeed. Find everything HALSHACK at my websitewww.halshack.comFind my show all over the web and all over the world. Cracked 350 markets in over 102 countries!People are wanting more from their musical experience. You will ALWAYS get more here on my show!Find us on ITUNES and IHEART, AMAZON MUSIC, plus PODOMATIC, and many more!!PS..... I have received Uncle Marcus review for MARQUIS of VAUDEVILLE! Its most fantastic!! Be out soon on the CREWS VIEWS page! Also a Publicist hit me up with a roster full of brilliant professional unsigned talent! There will be a special BONUS show coming soon that will feature ONLY their artists! I'm most impressed with their roster! Hope you will be too! This could change the game for the HALSHACK!
  • Episode 82: Halshack Ep 23 (DESTINY'S FATE) Aug 2021- (reg full show)
    ALERT ALERT!! Brand new music alert!!Ep 23 (Destiny's Fate) Aug 2021 - full talk and music "super special"********WARNING 18+*********** (Explicit Content!!! and heavy deep subject matter, some language)Where do I begin? Its been a long tough almost 7 years since I started this podcast with lots of ups and downs to say the least. There have been many very weird strange coincidences as well as much synchronicity has evolved around this show with my life the bands the music and songs involved. The important connections I make and how I made them. Flukes and weird circumstances has allowed me to progress in the industry from the outside looking in. Its the ONLY reason this small town guy from North Carolina has garnered some attention from my peers. it's almost as if a path is being carved for me. Strange I know, I cant help but notice the rare amount of events that have happened are 1 in 8 billion odds!!!So go listen to the show and find out what I mean. I talk alot about some of these events and how I met the spotlight band almost 10 years prior to this show and we re-connected both ready to move forward together!!Night Panda w/KRIGARE-Twisted Games is in Netflix show "Elite", we have the ultimate "mainstream" shock rock type mystery spotlight band, and BIG SURPRISE guest appearance from rock gods "CAVO" with a special approved and endorsed version of Duran Duran's - Come Undone!!Also featuring a special spot for UNDECIDED FUTURE and their news about a "potential gig" on NBC network!! HALSHACK was contacted by an NBC television casting and talent scout to find artists for an upcoming TV show AMERICAS SONG CONTEST! I'm very honored! Let's see if we can help decide this bands future and hear their GREAT new song "Intoxicated" which can also be found in a new video I made for the show with all my cute adorable puppies!!Enjoy what I feel is the BEST SHOW YET!!Find it anywhere you play your music (except Spotify) Itunes Iheart Deezer Google Play, Amazon Music, Podomatic, or at my websiteFind everything about my show here, the one and only stop and shop...lolwww.HALSHACK.comThanks for becoming a fan!! I love you all!!!!BATTLESHACK 3 voting contest starting up this summer! Look for details soon!!

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