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  • 472: Patrick KIepek: Callisto Protocol, Marvel's Midnight Suns, Metal Hellsinger, Need For Speed Unbound, Fortnite, Betrayal Legacy, So Clover, Last of Us TV show, Summer Game Fest 2023, Cyberpunk Game of the Year
    Jeff and Christian welcome Patrick Klepek from Waypoint back to the show to discuss the new Last of Us HBO trailer, Cyberpunk 2077 getting a Game of the Year edition, Summer of Games Fest and E3 duking it out in June 2023, and more! The Playlist: Callisto Protocol, Metal Hellsinger, Marvel's Midnight Suns, Minecraft, Need For Speed Unbound, Fortnite Chapter 4 Tabletop Time: Betrayal Legacy, So Clover Parting Gifts!
  • 471: Jeff Grubb: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pentiment, Atari 50, Goat Simulator 3, Lapin, Soccer Story, Bravery and Greed, Ship of Fools, Time Magazine's Top 10 of 2022
    Jeff and Christian welcome Jeff Grubb from Giantbomb back to the show this week to talk about record setting sales for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Time Magazine's inclusion of DLC in their top ten games of 2022, shocking comments from Microsoft and Sony about their own IP and viability, and more! The Playlist: Pentiment, Atari 50, Goat Simulator 3, Lapin, Soccer Story, Bravery and Greed, Ship of Fools Parting Gifts!
  • 470: Spencer Campbell: PC Gaming 2023 Preview Show, Blizzard and Netease breakup, GTA movie that could have been, God of War Ragnarok, Somerville, F1 22, Legends of Runeterra, RTX 4080 review, Altspace VR
    Jeff and Christian welcome gaming social media creative, Spencer Campbell to the show for the first time to discuss the revelation that GTA almost became a movie in 2002, the end of Blizzard's deal with Netease in China, the biggest games of the PC Gaming 2023 showcase, and more! The Playlist: God of War Ragnarok, F1 22, Legends of Runeterra, RTX 4080 (Plague Tale Requiem; Spider-Man PC; Cyberpunk 2077); Vampire Survivors xCloud Touch, Sommerville VR Talk: Altspace VR, Half-Life Alyx Parting Gifts!
  • 469: Patrick Beja: Sonic Frontiers, God of War Ragnarok, Marvel Snap, Overwatch 2, Gears of War on Netflix, Switch sales, The Game Awards Nominees, Horizon MMO, Ghost
    Jeff and Christian welcome Patrick Beja back to the show this week to discuss staggaring sales figures for Nintendo Switch, a promised Gears of War Netflix show, Horizon as an MMO, the Game Awards GOTY nominees, and more! The Playlist: Marvel Snap, Overwatch 2, God of War Ragnarök, Sonic Frontiers; Pocket Analogue Genesis core; Forza Horizon 5 new graphics modes, Ghost Song Parting Gifts!
  • 468: Chastity Vicencio: God of War Ragnarok review, Marvel Snap, Signalis, PSVR2 date and pricing, 3 Marvel EA games coming, Riven remake
    Jeff and Christian welcome Chastity Vicencio, host and producer at Ubisoft, to the show to discuss EA's new Marvel deal to produce three more super hero games, the PSVR2 pricing and date announcement, a remake announcement for one of 1997's biggest games, and more! The Playlist: Marvel Snap, Signalis, and a lengthy non-spoiler review of God of War Ragnarok Parting Gifts!

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