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Podcast Android Police Podcast
Podcast Android Police Podcast

Android Police Podcast


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  • MWC 2023 - Rizzer (sic)
    Will, Manuel, and, for the first time, our editor-in-chief James gather for a debrief round robin after a week of MWC 2023 coverage. From spotting Carl Pei at the Unihertz booth to destroying Motorola's rollable phone concept with facts and logic(?), the team's got a lot to talk about. Too bad our expensive audio recorder doesn't like our expensive SD cards. Or that we didn't have a Mini-USB cable. Despite all of that, we hope you enjoy this episode of the Android Police podcast!OnePlus 11 Concept hands-on: This mobile cooling tech isn’t for saleOnePlus's folding phone is official, and it launches this yearMotorola Rizr rollable concept hands-on: Simultaneously cool and dumbThe Nokia G22 is taking Fairphone head onLuna - Embrace the Light in Your Life ( Phone 2 will be powered by a top-end Qualcomm chipsetHonor Magic Vs review: You win some, you lose someXiaomi 13 Pro hands-on: Xiaomi is growing upThe Tecno Phantom V Fold undercuts the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 by hundredsRealme brings 10-minute ultra-fast charging outside of China with the GT3MWC 2023 | Android PoliceFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
  • What The Frenchy Firmware!?
    Our Zachary Kew-Denniss joins the Android Police podcast this week to express all the things that have finally gone right for him in the world. By that, we mean getting a Galaxy flagship phone that doesn't have an Exynos chip in it. Plus, more chat about YouTube Premium, Android Auto, and the uncanny valley of Spotify's AI DJs all in this episode!01:44 | The Curse of ExynosWill the Galaxy S23 series mark an end to Exynos? Samsung's Texas-sized answer is 'no'Samsung Galaxy S23 review: A small success20:27 | GoogsoftGoogle is bringing Magic Eraser to every smartphoneAndroid Auto briefly takes some smart Maps direction from CarPlay44:25 | Listening InYouTube Music's next major addition has Spotify squarely in its sightsYouTube says it isn’t messing with 1080p — ‘1080p Premium’ is higher-bitrate - The VergeSpotify Debuts a New AI DJ, Right in Your Pocket — SpotifyFind us at or [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
  • Samsung Isn't Willing to Make The Right Upgrades
    Is this a hot take? We don't really think so. For all the changes, the abacus flicks, the eraser shavings that have been spent on moving from Galaxy S22 to S23, Samsung has failed to change some of the fundamental flaws it has carried for years on end. We discuss that issue plus we find the joys and discomforts of the Oppo Find N2 Flip, find our feelings for the milquetoast OnePlus 11, and — first and foremost — laugh at the simulated pain and suffering that artificial intelligence has wrought on itself thanks to Google and Microsoft on this edition of the Android Police podcast.0:49 | Bing v. BardMicrosoft plots superpowered Bing app to break the dominance of Apple and GoogleMicrosoft Brings AI to Bing: Here's What to Expect ( unveils Bard AI as its response to ChatGPT for conversational search11:22 | Reviews, continuedSamsung Galaxy S23+ vs. OnePlus 11: Two of the bestOppo Find N2 Flip goes global, the first true Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 rival48:35 | Odds and endsExclusive: This is iPhone 15 Pro: Thinner bezels, thicker 'curve' design, no Lightning port, more - 9to5MacYouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is leaving after nine years in chargeTetris Movie Trailer: Taron Egerton Steals Video Game From Soviet Union ( out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
  • Bing Gets a Ding on Google
    It's a full house on the Android Police podcast this week as our Manuel Vonau fills in for the vacationing Daniel, friend of the show Mishaal Rahman joins us to break down Android 14's first developer preview, Google breaks down trying to explain what its AI applications do, and Will tries not to break himself cramming in some thoughts on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and OnePlus 11. Like a good tarp, we cover a lot of ground.02:03 | Android 14 DP1The Android 14 Developer Preview is here, get it right nowAndroid 14 timeline revealed: Six releases before it’s stableGoogle and Qualcomm tease satellite connectivity for Android phones24:01 | Artificial IndulgenceGoogle unveils Bard AI as its response to ChatGPT for conversational searchMicrosoft debuts new version of Bing that could finally rival Google ( Google-Microsoft AI tussle could be a windfall for Apple ( | Will's 8,000 wordsSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. OnePlus 11: Two great phonesSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review: Familiar, fantasticOnePlus 11 review: The right way to compromiseFind the team online - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @manuelvonau @MishaalRahman @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
  • Galaxy Snore 23?
    Iterative may be boring. But will the small details matter enough to get people talking and buying a new Galaxy S phone this year? With Unpacked out of the way, we're talking with XDA TV's Alex Dobie (who's had a lot of chat time with Daniel and Ara) about whether Samsung has made its case for an upgrade to the people it needs to convince. Get ready for a full 44 minutes of Galaxy S23 discussion!Apologies for Ara's audio for most of the episode — the RAM suck that is Chrome affected her file, but that's fixed in the last 8 minutes of the show.The Galaxy S23 series is officially unpacked — here's everything you need to knowSamsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ hands-on: To boldly go where it went beforeSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hands-on: Incremental changes have never been more appealingWhich size Samsung Galaxy S23 should you buy?Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Galaxy S22 Ultra: Spot the difference on expert modeSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra: Is the upgrade worth it?Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Time to trade upThe best Samsung Galaxy S23 series deals: Preorder bonuses, bundles, and creditsWhich Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra color should you buy?Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, two days in: The start of something familiarFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @AlexDobie @AndroidPolice @xdadevelopers @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0

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