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Android Police Podcast

Podcast Android Police Podcast
Podcast Android Police Podcast

Android Police Podcast


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  • What Google Wants...
    ...well, sometimes it'll get. We have a medley of topics on this show from a Play Store app falling victim to the roboreview to YouTube Music's latest attempt to find relevance with YouTube users. Dose in a dash of LG remembrance and we've got another Android Police podcast — this week featuring editor Jules in for Daniel, who's on paternity leave. 3:09 | Ara is all about the Google apps this week. (YouTube Music on Wear OS now lets you stream music from your smartwatch) (The YouTube app gains more shortcuts to jump from a music video to YouTube Music) (Latest Android Auto update fixes S22 woes for some, while Pixel owners are left hanging) 17:45 | Newsflash: Amazon finally kills Micro-USB on its Fire tablets (Amazon finally gets with the times, brings USB-C to the Fire 7 tablet) 21:36 | Will brings us back to the Google arc, this time on the services side (Google unveils its free personal tier for legacy G Suite users ahead of a new June deadline) (Total Commander forced to stop letting you install APKs) 31:18 | Jules previews an upcoming feature he's writing on our favorite LG phones (LG V10 Review: LG Got Me Falling In Love (Android Police)) (LG V10 review: upping the ante (Pocketnow)) Find the team on Twitter - (@journeydan) (@AraWagco) (@Will_Sattelberg) (@PointJules) Reach out to us - [email protected] Music - " (18)" and " (34)" by (HOME) licensed under (CC BY 3.0)
  • I/O: Cylon Seven
    Google I/O is always brimming full of nerdy tidbits, but the closest the general enthusiast class gets to learning all about the best of what's going on at the company is with the main keynote. We'll be getting to some of the grittier stuff next week, but this week, the Android Police podcast is covering just some of the shiny objects from the show. 3:59 | Let's talk about the non-Android, non-hardware stuff first. I know, I know. This is why we have timecodes. (Google Search's recently introduced multisearch feature is about to get way more useful) (Google will give you more choice over the ads you see with My Ad Center) (You can now Look and Talk to Google Assistant on your Nest Hub Max) (Google announces AI-powered document summaries in Google Docs) 17:13 | A few developments in and around Android... (Android 13 Beta 2 launches today for Pixels and select third-party devices) (Google activated over one billion new Android devices last year) (More than 20 Google apps are getting tablet-centric updates) (Android Auto is almost ready for split screen mode as streaming video apps come to Automotive) 26:00 | Alright, here's what you've been waiting for. (Google Pixel 6a lands in July with Tensor in tow and a $449 price tag) (Google teases Pixel 7 & 7 Pro with redesigned cameras, new colors, and fall release date) (The Google Pixel Watch is official, and it’s coming ‘this fall’ alongside the Pixel 7) (Google's Pixel Buds Pro are arriving in July for $199 with ANC, multipoint, and Silent Seal for a perfect fit) (Google is making a Tensor-powered Android tablet, coming in 2023) (Google teases standalone AR glasses with an unknown release date) Some family notes: we want to thank Taylor Kerns for helping us launch the pod revival. He's still with Android Police, but has decided to step away from the mic. We're happy, though, to introduce Will Sattelberg as our new, permanent co-host. Meanwhile, Daniel will be off on paternity leave for the next couple of weeks, but we'll keep the seat hot — stay tuned and thanks for subscribing and rating the show, we appreciate it. Find the team on Twitter - (@journeydan) (@AraWagco) (@Will_Sattelberg) (@PointJules) Reach out to us - [email protected] Music - " (18)" and " (34)" by (HOME) licensed under (CC BY 3.0)
  • Limoncello Buds
    We're in a gap week between the Android 13 beta drop and Google I/O and we're talking about what we would do if we dropped a highlighter-yellow Pixel Bud in snow that someone peed on. It's the Android Police podcast. 1:12 | Daniel draws on new leaks (and last week's chat about spatial audio in Android 13) for some major ANC audio gear from Google and Sony. (Rumored Pixel Buds Pro could take advantage of Android 13's new audio tech) (Google Pixel Buds A-Series review: Drop beats, not bucks) (Android 13 Beta 1 hints at the Pixel 6 picking up this audio feature from iPhones) (Sony XM5 headphones may not offer better battery life than their predecessor, after all) 16:35 | On the Chromebook beat, Ara brings up her experiences with Acer's Chromebook 514 and we wonder exactly who it fits. (Acer Chromebook Spin 514 (3H) first look: Return of the Ryzen) (The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook comes with a haptic trackpad and optional 5G connectivity) (Asus reveals three new Chromebooks, including one for gamers) (Acer Chromebook Spin 713 (2021) review: The best Chromebook of 2021) 29:24 | In other news, Google finally begins abandoning passwords for account logins and the Galaxy Watch5 may get a Pro tier. (Google is bringing passwordless authentication support to Android and Chrome) (Leaked Samsung Galaxy Watch5 codenames cement the existence of a pro model) Find the team on Twitter - (@journeydan) (@AraWagco) (@PointJules) Reach out to us - [email protected] Music - " (18)" and " (34)" by (HOME) licensed under (CC BY 3.0)
  • Android 13 Beta with Mishaal Rahman
    Google finally dropped the beta this week and we're thrilled to be joined by none other than (Mishaal Rahman), senior technical editor at Esper and co-host of the (Android Bytes podcast). 02:39 | We start with the view thus far for Android 13. Rahman's continuous changelog is unmatched as a resource for this. (Android 13 Deep Dive: Beta 1 Changelog ( 15:51 | So, where does Beta 1 take us? We have our initial impressions. (Android 13 Beta 1 hands-on: A smooth, squiggly, and subtle upgrade) Feature focuses: (system photo picker), (notification permissions), (per-app languages), and (spatial audio). 32:39 | A quick detour to the Pixel Watch leak everyone's talking about. (Here's what it looks like to actually wear the Google Pixel Watch) Find the team on Twitter - (@journeydan) (@AraWagco) (@RyneHager) (in for (@TaylorKerns) this week) (@PointJules) Reach out to us - [email protected] Music - " (18)" and " (34)" by (HOME) licensed under (CC BY 3.0)
  • Worn OS
    Daniel's worn down by COVID, we're worn down by the wait for Wear OS and Android 13 beta updates, and everyone's getting worn down by Netflix. Let us commiserate. 02:55 | A quick gripe session on how Google is dragging its feet in releasing the first Android 13 beta. (Android 13: Everything we know about Google’s next-gen operating system) 05:00 | We're getting all excited about Wear OS 3.1 — including when Google Assistant will make the jump — and the Pixel Watch even though we still have plenty of waiting to go, it turns out. (The Google Store has been redesigned, and it looks like it’s preparing for the Pixel Watch) (The latest Pixel Watch leak offers our best look yet at the upcoming Google smartwatch) (Google Assistant still isn't quite ready for the Samsung Galaxy Watch4) 17:06 | Netflix knows it is bleeding subscribers and will continue to do so as it begins cracking down on password sharers. Add to that the spectacular implosion that is the end of CNN+ and we're wondering what the heck streaming has in store for us... (Netflix's latest shareholder letter should be anxiety inducing for anyone using a shared password) (Scoop: CNN+ looks doomed ( 27:39 | Let's calm down a bit and talk about Google Seed Lab's latest arts-and-crafts project called Little Signals: tiny robots befitting your coffee table or high shelf that help take the place of your phone for notifications. (Google's Little Signals experiment uses air to send distraction-less notifications) (Google's Little Signals experiment finally has me excited about Digital Wellbeing) Find the team on Twitter - (@journeydan) (@AraWagco) (@TaylorKerns) (@PointJules) Reach out to us - [email protected] Music - " (18)" and " (34)" by (HOME) licensed under (CC BY 3.0)

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