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  • Cuffed To Cap // Cuffing Season (Part 15) // Michael Todd
    We’re so used to cap. We’re used to lying.The currency of today’s culture is cap, making us think it’s profitable to lie and appear as something we’re not. But what we are trying to avoid by lying will cost us in the long run. In week 15 of Cuffing Season, Pastor Mike teaches us how becoming comfortable with cap desensitizes us to the presence of Christ. He shows us how we can recognize cap in our lives, and break the habit of lying. We have to remember that God can handle the truth.#CuffingSeason #CuffedToCap #lying
  • Cuffed To The Cuddle // Cuffing Season (Part 14) // Michael Todd
    We’ve all cuddled with someone who is comfortable & convenient. We’ve looked for love, validation, & acceptance, but we’ve settled for the cuddle that’s a cheap copy. When we make these counterfeit connections, we compromise. In week 14 of Cuffing Season, Pastor Mike shows us how to recognize when we’ve settled, and the steps we can take to find God’s best for our relationships. Ask yourself this today: Who are you cuddling with?
  • Cuffed To Construction // Cuffing Season (Part 13) // Travis Greene
    What are you building? God never called you to build your own platform, His desire is to build his platform in you for Him to stand on. This week, Travis Greene asks the question, what bricks are we using? We have built our platforms with bricks that are self-made, of acceptance, fame, dishonor, and jealousy. God wants to break down the bricks of our own creation and build his Kingdom with stones. If you want to allow God to build His platform in you, this message is for you!
  • Cuffed To Cash // Cuffing Season (Part 12) // Michael Todd
    What controls you: money or God? Your answer to that question reveals what you're cuffed to. This week, Pastor Mike teaches us how cash is important to life, but it cannot be the center of it. The only thing that can provide us with a truly fulfilling life is Jesus, and finances are always something He calls us to use to build His Kingdom. Our money will always have control until we can give it. If you’re looking for some help with your money, this message is for you!#CuffingSeason #CuffedToCash #cash #finances
  • Cuffed To Contamination: The Subtle Attack Of Covert Control // Cuffing Season (Part 11) // Michael Todd
    What is surrounding you? What kind of people are you letting influence your life? We will always become like the things we surround ourselves with, and when we get around people and things that aren’t good for us, we become cuffed to things that contaminate us. In week 11 of our series Cuffing Season, Pastor Mike teaches us how to get free from the things that have contaminated us and step into God’s calling for our lives.

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