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Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Podcast Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food
Podcast Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food


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  • Episode 508: Pickle Relish
    Today we hop on the relish train so keep an ear out for squirrel hopping and other nature sounds. We provide dubious entertainment recommendations and then try to enhance a staple by spreading the gospel of relish and add-on spouses. Transcript The Roosevelts: An Intimate History Derry Girls Measuring Up by Lily LaMotte See for privacy information.
  • Episode 507: Hot Fudge 2
    Today is a cheat day so we're playing the part of Judge Fudge as we partake in hot toppings and cold ice cream. We alienate everyone as we learn about fudgy contraceptive techniques, burning shoeboxes and attempt to blow your problems away. Be sure to visit because we are a smart show for smart people. Transcript Episode 28: Fudge Pledge Drive! Hot Fudge Sauce II, by Erin Nesbit  Nancy Baggett’s recipe Ree Drummond’s recipe Bryan Washington’s recent New Yorker piece, “The Thing About Homophobia See for privacy information.
  • Episode 506: Steak Sauce
    Welcome to Fear and Prejudice, where we discuss English Brown Sauce and Matthew makes Molly cry but they eventually work it out. We throw up some ideas about marginalized sauces that taste like cabinets and wonder if we are all 40+ people. Transcript The Duke Who Didn't by Courtney Milan Why Doesn't Anyone Use Steak Sauce Anymore? by Dan Gentile All Fantasy Everything with Roxane Gay See for privacy information.
  • Episode 505: Apricots
    Today we wonder what to do with Apricots while debating generational sexcapades, the invention of dried pineapple, and when exactly were the ancient times. We get down and dirty with some fertile crescent situations and lots of geography and etymology. Probably too much. Rated NSFJ. Transcript Lexicon Valley Podcast Molly's Jam Molly's Apricot Tart Samin Nosrat's Apricot-Noyaux Jam In Bibi's Kitchen by Hawa Hassan In the Company of Women edited by Grace Bonney See for privacy information.
  • Episode 504: Bay Leaves
    Get out your cherry pickers and chainsaws, we're talking Bay Leaves. Through caverns and taverns we encounter graduation memories and doppelgängers while we learn a lot and feel weird about it. Whose fault is this episode? Transcript Are Bay Leaves worth the Trouble? Bay Leaf, The Herb that Thinks its a Spice The Linda Lindas Live Stream The Linda Lindas on Spotify See for privacy information.

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Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

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