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Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Podcast Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food
Podcast Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food


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  • Episode 560: Corn-Based Cereals
    Rated NFX. This episode is kid-tested, Judy Amster approved. Temper your lust and your grains as we Jockey for Your Love discussing sexy mascots, drainage channels and masturbation malady cures (citation needed). We ask "Will it Flake?" as we warn against winking at your grocers and inflation.  Tori Amos "Cornflake Girl"Hidden Jukebox PodcastFunny jungle land moving pictures bookletHow corn flakes are made: YouTube video from Discovery UKMatthew's Now but Wow! - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (video game)Listen to our spinoff show Dire DesiresJoin our reddit
  • Episode 559: Lightning Round 2022
    Today we are going wild from the bottom bunk and bringing you the visionary, the revolutionary, the very mood specific Lightning Round 2022 edition! As we're gifted topics from Producer Abby, we demand gravy, morbid toys and sandwiches of love. After surviving jingles, premium delicacies and illegal foods we finally decide that things are fine. They are just fine. Support Spilled Milk Podcast! Levels of Support for Spilled Milk PodcastLittle Limbertwig - $5/monthMagnum Bonum Sustaining Member - $10/monthGlycine Max Supermember - $20/month
  • Episode 558: Shepherd's Pie
    Today we turn on the Lamb Signal as we celebrate Pie Day and Valentine's Day all at once. With the help of cool moms, Tinder and good vibes we learn about wetter meat components and pizzles before ending with some weird songs we made up. Cook's Illustrated Shepherd's PiePie Bird Bakeshop Pie ClubMolly's Now but Wow! - Yasmin Williams  
  • Episode 557: Travel Food
    Today we attempt to be lovably harmless while amending our bylaws and revisiting an old topic. We meet Hot Meal Matthew and Chompy Greta as we yank on the chili tube and learn the official drink of the mile high club. Episode 91: Airplane FoodMatthew's Now but Wow! - Hollie Cook, Happy Hour
  • Episode 556: Bistro Night
    Today we discuss the newest Named Night: Bistro Night! We chat about molding fancy people, sad birthday realizations and unwelcome third hosts as we devour these menus with gusto. We propose that Bistro Night is a state of mind and can be planned or accidental so have at it! TranscriptBistro Night Menus!Yukon Gold Gruyère GaletteWhitings WritingsThe Art of the Tart by Tamasin Day-LewisBistro Cooking by Patricia WellsParisian Home Cooking by Michael RobertsBistro Cooking at Home by Gordon HamersleyBouchon by Thomas KellerRebekah PepplerMatthew's Now but Wow! - King Stingray 

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Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

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