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Relay FM - The Pen Addict

Podcast Relay FM - The Pen Addict
Podcast Relay FM - The Pen Addict

Relay FM - The Pen Addict


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  • 556: Pen Sommelier
    What are we using? Why are we using them? How difficult will Brad make this? Find out this week on The Pen Addict!
  • 555: Lamy, Call Your Boys
    Brad is back from the Baltimore Pen Show, and has tales to tell. Also, Lamy has decided it is bracket season, and boy do we have thoughts.
  • 554: Block Signature Signature
    Our recent signature and handwriting talk sparked some great feedback, which we dig into at the start of today’s episode. Brad then heaps praise on Sailor. That’s right. PRAISE! Brad will also be at the Baltimore Pen Show this upcoming weekend, and goes into all of the details.
  • 553: Number Green
    When you have a product named Sweet Juice Milk, you know there is going to be follow up. Brad gets angsty over the latest Pilot Juice release, discusses his Nahvalur Original Plus review, and Myke decides if he needs a signature makeover.
  • 552: Where's the Margarita Version?
    What better feedback than Pilot FriXion feedback?! We get a list of use cases for everyone's favorite erasable gel ink pen, talk about Sailor doing Sailor things, and bring Blue Milk into the show lore.

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