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  • Focused 140: Your Brain is Not a Computer with Cory Hixson
    Engineering professor Cory Hixson joins the Focused crew this week about staying on target, not letting your kids eat take your brain, and why you are not a computer.
  • Upgrade 384: Don't Fear the Laser
    With Myke on assignment, Dan Moren joins Jason to discuss the features Apple hasn't yet delivered in 2021 and its product lineup for 2022. Then Jason breaks down the new e-readers you could use to read one of Dan's novels.
  • Mac Power Users 617: Back in Whack
    David and Stephen are joined by Apple's Jeremy Butcher to discuss the company's new Business Essentials program. Then, the guys revisit iCloud storage management, clipboard apps and email providers. USB-C hubs and migrating to an Apple silicon Mac are also discussed.
  • Automators 90: Holiday Automation 2021
    Automating the Holidays has never been easier. Rose and David have a pile of holiday-related automations to make life easier and impress your friends and family.
  • Material 336: Is “Don’t Be Evil” Legally Binding?
    Andy and Flo start this week adlibbing and wondering when blatant fan service is too much. Then, Andy explains why the motto "Don't Be Evil" could be legally binding for a handful of former Googlers. We'll also discuss Google's foray into crime prediction algorithms, which is as dubious as it sounds. But we'll end on a sweeter note, debating the actual color of Android's green bubble on iMessages.

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