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  • Laura’s Liz Truss Interview
    We bring you Laura Kuenssberg’s interview with Liz Truss, in which the prime minister said she was committed to scrapping the 45p top rate of tax, but called it ‘a decision the chancellor made’. Straight after coming off air, we also get Laura’s thoughts on what the prime minister had to say and what Michael Gove said in response. Newscast is hosted by Adam Fleming. This episode was made by Chris Flynn. The technical producer was Emma Crowe. The editor was Jonathan Aspinwall.
  • Beyond the Palin
    As energy prices go up for millions of households this weekend, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis and The Economist’s Soumaya Keynes explain what could happen to our bills. Alex is in Westminster to talk through the PM’s emergency meeting with the Office for Budget Responsibility. And comedian and documentary maker Michael Palin tells Adam about his recent travels through Iraq, his previous experience in Ukraine, and why Monty Python director Terry Gilliam’s humour is unique.   Today’s Newscast was made by Daniel Wittenberg with Miranda Slade, Alix Pickles and Tim Walklate. The editor is Jonathan Aspinwall. Thank you to ITN Productions, Prominent Television, Passepartout Productions and Arts and Entertainment for use of the Michael Palin clips.
  • Alan Partridge on Liz Truss
    On the day when the country’s attention turned to BBC local radio as Liz Truss did the morning interview round, we hear what Steve Coogan, and Alan Partridge, make of the PM. Also on with Adam, Chris and Jo is BBC broadcasting legend David Dimbleby, who has some choice words about the economic challenges people in the country are facing. And, Tory MP Bim Afolami explains why he’s still got full confidence in the prime minister and chancellor. Newscast was hosted by Adam Fleming, Political Editor Chris Mason and Politics Live presenter Jo Coburn. This episode of Newscast was made by Chris Flynn and Danny Wittenberg. The assistant editor was Alison Gee. The editor was Jonathan Aspinwall.
  • The Liz Truss BBC Local Radio Interviews
    Liz Truss speaks to eight BBC Local Radio stations, defending her mini-budget, saying she was prepared to make "controversial and difficult decisions" to get the economy moving. Newscast has assembled the full set of interviews. The BBC local radio round has been a pre-conference tradition for political party leaders for many years, a chance to speak directly to voters. Thanks to our colleagues at BBC Local Radio in Leeds, Norfolk, Kent, Lancashire, Nottingham, Tees, Bristol and Stoke who produced these interviews. The presenters were Rima Ahmed, Chris Goreham, Anna Cookson, Graham Liver, Sarah Julian, Amy Oakden, James Hanson and John Acres. Newscast is hosted by Adam Fleming. The producers of this episode were Louisa Lewis, Jonathan Aspinwall, Chris Brindley and Carlie Swain.
  • Bank Statement
    The government has rejected calls to abandon its mini-budget despite the Bank of England having to step in, in an unprecedented move, amid market turmoil. Adam is joined by Chris, Simon Jack, the FT’s Gillian Tett and author Duncan Weldon to help us understand the economics, politics and history behind what’s going on. This episode of Newscast was made by Tim Walklate with Miranda Slade and Chris Flynn. The technical producer was Emma Crowe. The editor was Jonathan Aspinwall.

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