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The Local Bar

Podcast The Local Bar
Podcast The Local Bar

The Local Bar


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  • The Local Bar 169 - Hayli Thorpe
    Join me and Hayli as we talk about the things that are in the way of you being happy, and what you can do to get them out of the way.  
  • The Local Bar 168 - New Season
    This week, we talk about getting ready for that big thing you've always wanted to do, with the help of our past two guest BryantDaCellist and Rodney Smith Jr.  
  • The Local Bar 167 - Rodney Smith Jr.
    How can you change the world?  May try by just mowing your neighbor's lawn.  This guy did it.  
  • The Local Bar 166 - Father's Day
    This week, Bryn stops by and we talk about cookies, helping people, and having fun as a family.  
  • The Local Bar 165 - @bryant_da_cellist
    This week, we sit down with actor, activist, musician, and social medial star Bryant to talk about how he and his friends are actually doing something to change the world.  And it's easier than you think.   Instagram: @bryant_da_cellist TicTok: bryantdacellist2.0

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