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Super Hero Homies!

Super Hero Homies!

Podcast Super Hero Homies!
Podcast Super Hero Homies!

Super Hero Homies!


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  • Best Comics from 90s-00's
    We start with a 30-minute cold open discussing the rumors for the MCU X-Men movie and our dream line-up. Listen, it's impossible to make a top 10 comic books list and not miss something. This list is primarily for new/returning readers, and we hope you like it! Check it out!
  • Batman Day Celebration!
    Batman Day is upon us! The Homie Oz joins us to discuss all things, Batman. We watch and breakdown various scenes from Batman movies. We also delve into the comic books and talk about what makes Batman so popular.
  • Marvel D23 Announcements
    For this episode, we discuss the latest trailers and announcements for the MCU. We breakdown Thunderbolts, Werewolf By Night, Secret Invasion and more!
  • Iconic Superhero Moments
    We're all lucky enough to have seen some amazing superhero movies and iconic moments but how to they compare to the comic books they're based on? For this episode I discuss five different superhero movies that are based on iconic comics and compare them. Check it out!!!
  • Superhero TV Reviews
    For this episode, we discuss The Sandman, She-Hulk, and Harley Quinn season 3. We breakdown our thoughts on each show so far and reveal what we like and dislike about each one. Check it out!

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