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The Debaters

Podcast The Debaters
Podcast The Debaters

The Debaters


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  • 1711: Newfoundland PM & Secrets
    Should Canada’s next prime minister be from Newfoundland? Lisa Baker and Hisham Kelati take a Gander at this idea. Then, Deborah Kimmett and Jon Steinberg decide whether the cat should be let out of the bag in their debate on keeping secrets.
  • 1710: Blinds vs. Curtains & The World Cup
    Derek Seguin and Dave Hemstad discuss if blinds are superior to curtains in a debate that is more than just window dressing. Then, is the World Cup the greatest event in all of sports? Sean Cullen and Nour Hadidi reach their goals in this match.
  • 1709: Multi-Level Marketing & Beautiful Towns
    Matt Falk and Jon Steinberg get into risky business discussing whether we should beware of multi-level marketing companies. Then, Lara Rae and Graham Chittenden paint the town red when they take on whether small towns should be beautiful.
  • 1708: Call Ahead vs. Drop-In & Canada Food Guide
    To commemorate the passing of one of Canada's most beloved comedians, Tim Steeves, The Debaters is re-airing this Tim classic from 2019. Featuring Tim Steeves, Nathan Macintosh, David Pryde and Elvira Kurt in Saint John, New Brunswick.
  • 1707: Witches vs. Wizards
    This Halloween, Nikki Payne and Ron Sparks work their magic in a special double-length feature episode! Are witches superior to wizards? Wicked Nikki of the East crafts a bewitching argument in support of witches, but Ron the Magnificent and Amazing says wizards are the staff of life. This debate will have you spellbound!

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