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Monday Morning Critic Podcast

Monday Morning Critic Podcast

Podcast Monday Morning Critic Podcast
Podcast Monday Morning Critic Podcast

Monday Morning Critic Podcast


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  • (Episode 352) "Devotion" Film Composer: Chandra Dancy.
    Episode 352."Devotion"Film Composer: Chanda Dancy.Native Texan, Chanda Dancy, started composing orchestral works at the age of 12. She has been described as a “phenomenal composer” and “quickly gaining recognition as a foremost black American contemporary composer.”  There are many who believe (myself included) that Chanda could earn an Oscar Nomination for her beautiful score in "Devotion". Should this be the case, she would become the first black female to be nominated for an original film score...ever.An alumnus of the USC Film Scoring Program, and the Sundance Composers Lab, Chanda Dancy is both an accomplished film and television composer with over 18 years of experience and an emerging classical concert composer. Arts Boston named her one of “10 Contemporary Black Composers You Should Know”. She is known for her work on the Sundance award winning documentary “Aftershock” (Disney/Onyx Collective), the hit Netflix TV Original “The Defeated” starring Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights), the Korean War era epic “Devotion” starring Jonathan Majors (Da 5 Bloods, Loki) and Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick), and the Whitney Houston biopic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, directed by Kasi Lemmons.Welcome, Chanda Dancy.Monday Morning Critic: Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube and  [email protected]
  • (Episode 351) "Yellowstone" Actor: Denim Richards. (Colby Mayfield)
    Episode 351."Yellowstone"Actor: Denim Richards.Denim Richards is an immensely talented actor who you can currently find (series regular) in Season 5 of Yellowstone as Colby Mayfield. I found Denim to be refreshingly honest, humble and genuine. I really loved this conversation. Its always refreshing when the human being is as wonderful as the actor. That is certainly the case here.We touch on a variety of topics including:1. A tweet from 2020 that has aged REALLY well.2. Who is Colby Mayfield?3. How much Colby and Denim have evolved since the start of Yellowstone.4. Is Walker right? Is being in the Bunkhouse like a prison?5. The similarities between John Dutton and Tony Soprano.6. What has Denim learned from Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan?7. Who is more ruthless, Rip or Beth?8. Kevin Costner is the new Clint Eastwood.9. Are memories made off camera as important as the ones that happen on camera?10. Denim's short film, "The Zoo"Welcome, Denim Richards.Monday Morning Critic: Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube and Facebook.  [email protected]
  • (Episode 350) "Kung Fu" Actor: Yvonne Chapman (Zhilan)
    (Episode 350) "Kung Fu"Actor: Yvonne Chapman. Yvonne returned as a series regular for season 3 of The CW’s hit series “Kung Fu” as the cunning assassin Zhilan. She will also recur on season 2 of Global TV’s “Family Law” which will premiere in 2023. Season 1 was recently acquired by The CW and began airing on October 2nd in the US. Previously audiences have seen Yvonne in The CW’s “The 100”, ABC’s “The Crossing” and as a series regular in CBC’s “Street Legal”; a reboot of the hit television series from the 80’s. She will also be seen as Avatar Kyoshi, a legendary warrior revered for her bravery, in the upcoming hugely anticipated live-action adaptation series for Netflix “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. The series is one of Netflix’s most expensive shows reportedly costing $15 million per episode. The series recently wrapped filming and is potentially slated for release in 2023.Yvonne and I talk about the great Tzi Ma, her love of food, her journey from finance to acting and so much more.Fun interview.Welcome, Yvvone Chapman.Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube and Facebook:  Monday Morning Critic  [email protected]
  • (Episode 349) "Miracle" Cinematographer: Dan Stoloff.
    Episode 249"Miracle"Cinematographer: Dan Stoloff.Dan Stoloff's unique eye and timeless frames have made him a well-known talent in the world of television and film cinematography. Amongst his many credits are F/X’s multiple Emmy Award winning spy series, “The Americans,” set during the Cold War starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys; and USA’s People’s Choice Award-nominated dramedy, “Suits”.A masterful visual storyteller, Stoloff’s expertise spans across a wide variety of genres in both television and film. Beyond his work on “The Americans” and “Suits,” he recently shot “Amazing Stories” for Apple TV, the “Julia” pilot for HBOMax, as well as two seasons of “The Boys” for Amazon Prime. He shot several episodes of showtime”s “Ray Donovan” as well as “Jack Ryan”. Most recently he shot “The Patient”, a drama for Fx/Hulu starring Steve Carell. Other television credits include USA’s “Fairly Legal,”, TNT’s “Memphis Beat”Stoloff’s feature work includes Disney’s Miracle, starring Kurt Russell, Greene Street Films’ Wedding Daze, starring Jason Biggs, and many more. In addition to film and television, Stoloff has an impressive cinematography career in commercials and fashion including Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day, Ralph Lauren Spring Collection 2011, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Promo, INC/Macy’s, Sierra Club, Macy’s Martha Stewart, DKNY Femme and Nine West.Welcome, Dan Stoloff.Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube and Facebook:  Monday Morning Critic[email protected]
  • (Episode 348) "Yellowstone" Actor: Orli Gottesman.
    Episode 348."Yellowstone"Actor: Orli Gottesman.Orli Gottesman is a talented actor who was born in and resides in Florida. I had a chance to sit down and talk to Orli about what it's like being 16 years old  balancing a "normal" life in High School and being on set as a new cast member of the smash hit "Yellowstone"  in the role of Halie, a confident, fun and outgoing girl who gravitates toward Carter. Orli and I also talk her passion for acting,  at times auditioning for the same roles as her sister (Arielle), the ageless Kevin Costner,  being fearless on camera, the power behind horse movies and so much more. I really enjoyed this interview. She is a super talented actor who we are going to see much more of. Welcome, Orli Gottesman.Instagram, YouTube and Facebook:  Monday Morning Critic[email protected] less

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