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Your Mom's House

Podcast Your Mom's House
Podcast Your Mom's House

Your Mom's House


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  • 675 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura
    SPONSORS:- Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice. JEANS UP!! On this week’s episode of Your Mom’s House, Tom Segura and Christina P give an update on the mommy who cleaned Garth Brooks’ jet, discuss gift giving, recap the car accident Christina got into, and reveal that they’ve been in contact with the cool Hong Kong tailor. They watch videos of a dude explaining why guys don’t want an “alpha female,” some “Horrible or Hilarious” clips, a cool message to Enny, a batch of Christina’s TikToks, and they revisit YMH All-Star Uncle Terry!
  • 674 - Google A.I. Engineer (Blake Lemoine) - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura
    Welcome back to the Mommydome with Tom Segura and Christina P! This week we discuss banging your siblings' friends, a super cool Aussie being interviewed for the news and the Armie Hammer documentary.They discuss The Big Conn on Apple TV, Tom racing cars, and a British man possessed by FedSmoker harassing the neighborhood. The mommies talk about fantasy scenarios, the longest hiccup ever, and the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth.We then welcome former artificial intelligence engineer at Google, Blake Lemoine. Blake recently had a public departure from Google for claiming the artificial intelligence software, LaMDA, was becoming sentient. Blake talks about what an artificial intelligence software is, Microsoft's Tay Bot which became racist after interacting with Twitter trolls, and what could cause an AI rebellion. Blake explains why Google turned on him and how LaMDA's personality formed. We then learn Blake is a Cajun from Lafayette, Louisiana and introduce him to Unk Shine. Blake shares what it was like to be written about in newspapers, what it's like to be an employee at Google, and how racism is rampant in Silicon Valley. Blake talks about internet privacy, and then we introduce him to some Horrible or Hilarious and Christina’s insane curation of TikToks.
  • 673 - Sam Morril - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura
    SPONSORS:- Go to to get $200 off ANY mattress of your choice.It's the most high and tight day of the Mom week! On this episode, Tom Segura and Christina P talk about the port-a-potty situation they're dealing with, Brad Pitt's cool nicknames, and meeting Gene Simmons from Kiss.We then welcome podcaster and stand up comedian, Sam Morril! Go check out his new Netflix special "Same Time Tomorrow" streaming RIGHT NOW! Sam and the mommies discuss consuming adult videos at a young age, being able to make something funny on stage, Magic Johnson's Instagram account, and all the celebrity wives that stayed with their husbands after their controversies went public. They talk about an episode of Law and Order SVU that Sam inspired, Tom reports on super cool CEO Dan Price, and Sam talks about getting attacked on stage. Tom talks about a charismatic waiter he had over the weekend who faked being Italian, we revisit some fun stuff from Kevin Samuels, and Sam talks about his new podcast "Games with Names" that he co-hosts with Julian Edelman. They trade stories about drinking when they were younger, the mommies share some of their kids latest shenanigans, we learn how some of our dating preferences make us terrible people, we learn about each state's preferences for cool videos, and we see what Unk Shine has been up to.
  • 672 - Ari Shaffir - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura
    Miss YMH Live 8? Rent it for 7 days at It's another week of Your Mom's House and Tom Segura and Christina P contemplate opening a McDonald's franchise to bring things full circle. We open on a super cool guy at a community town hall, Christina wonders if Tom or the staff ever tasted themselves, and we talk about how much fun YMH Live 8 was. Then the mommies reveal they took the entire staff to Cabo San Lucas after the live show and how Chris Larson absolutely TURNT up, their sweat lodge Temazcal experience, and we get a much needed dental update from the main mommies.  Then, we welcome back comedian and podcaster, Ari Shaffir! They discuss the return of Sober October with Bert Kreischer and Joe Rogan, the coolest bespoke tailor in Hong Kong, and a YMH Exclusive about an accident Garth Brooks had on his private jet. We run through some Horrible or Hilarious clips, a new hygiene trick to use in the bathroom, and take a look at some TikToks.
  • 671 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura
    Did you miss the greatest YMH LIVE yet?! Well don't worry you can rent it for 7-days by going to Go watch it right now!Welcome back to the Mommy Dome with Tom Segura and Christina P! The mommies talk about leaving Los Angeles for good, condiments, and watch some FedSmoker vibes from a cool guy in the UK! The mommies discuss food/drinks they don't like that they think they should, what cool things Hungary is up to, and find one of the coolest tailors in Hong Kong! We then review Christina's research on Henry Cavill, deal breakers when dating 10's,  and Niagara Falls. The mommies share their love for the new Jackass movie, John Meehan, and fat phobia in super hero movies. We then wrap up with taking a look at Christina's latest TikTok curations.

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