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The Night's Cast

Podcast The Night's Cast
Podcast The Night's Cast

The Night's Cast


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  • Episode 32: Looking Back
    The 10-year anniversary of the world's most-watched, most celebrated, most talked-about TV series is here, and although The Night's Cast wasn't around then, many of our contributors were already fans -- or they became addicted like so many of the rest of us. At any rate, Petra, Samantha, Vanessa, and WoTW's own founder and editor-in-chief, Sue The Fury, gathered for a new episode of the podcast to reminisce about the series premiere of GoT.
  • Episode 31: HoTD Gets Hotter
    More casting news has been announced for the Game of Thrones spinoff -- dare we say that the production train is picking up steam? Join Petra and Samantha for a quick breakdown of the newest casting and some fun speculation as to what it means for House of the Dragon!
  • Episode 30: Talkin' HoTD!
    We have RETURNED! Join Sue, Samantha, Vanessa, Petra and Akash for a great break down of all the casting and production news we know so far about the GoT spinoff "House of the Dragon."
  • Episode 29: Spinoff News and Notes
    Last week was -- to put it mildly -- a bit of a rollercoaster as far as Game of Thrones news was concerned, especially when it came to the spinoff/prequel shows in development at HBO. It gave the fandom whiplash, but it also gave us plenty to talk about! On this week's episode of The Night's Cast, Vanessa, Petra and Samantha do just that: we talk about which prequel got the (somewhat unexpected) axe and which one seems to be fast-tracking toward production.
  • Bonus Episode: Fire & Spinoffs?
    There's big (potential) news in the realm, and if it turns out to be anything of substance, we'll be seeing much more fire and blood on our small screens in the not-so-distant future -- and the Night's Cast is here to break down exactly what that means! On this bonus episode, Petra, Samantha and Vanessa discuss the news that HBO is reportedly close to giving the greenlight on a House Targaryen-centered spinoff. What might we see in this spinoff? How did it get to this point in development? We're here to talk you through it!

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