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The Assassination

Podcast The Assassination
Podcast The Assassination

The Assassination


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  • Episode 10: Dead Ends
    “I laugh at it.” The accused speaks in the series finale. With Owen Bennett-Jones.
  • Episode 9: The Other Dead
    A trail of bodies leads deeper into the conspiracy. “Someone doesn’t want us to connect the dots.” With Owen Bennett-Jones.
  • Episode 8: The Assassin’s Journey
    The nasty, brutish and short life of Benazir’s killer - confidential police files reveal investigators weren’t interested. With Owen Bennett-Jones.
  • Episode 7: The Funeral
    Benazir speaks from the grave to lay blame for her murder. Riots mar the burial as the struggle to control the investigation begins. And her handwritten will reveals an unexpected successor. With Owen Bennett-Jones.
  • Episode 6: The Murder
    A final warning and the final day. “I felt there was a fire. Then, there was a blast”. An emotional and forensic account of Benazir’s last hours. With Owen Bennett-Jones.

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