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Podcast P.S.A Podcast
Podcast P.S.A Podcast

P.S.A Podcast


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  • Gatekeeping Blackness (HBCUs), Antonio Brown, PTSO, & Putting Your Heart in It Feat. Money Mell
    Episode 13 starts a little different with Izzy doing a quick rant about what happened with the new majorette squad at USC. He stated that our ancestors didn't march for this. Then the episode introduces Money Mell. Mell is a STL native and the founder and content creator of "I Put My Heart in This", and the creator of the "I Put That S*** On Today" Brand. This episode highlights his struggles with doubt, how he started his business, sending a cease & desist letter to Antonio Brown, & dealing with content stealers who disguise what they want with the term "Big Bro".Money Mell's social mediaInstagram: @moneymell.ceoBusiness Instagram:
  • Choosing to Make the World Aware of Your Passion Feat. Christina Flach
    Episode 12 is back with an episode that helps the audience with giving strategies on how to make the world aware of their passions. These passions could include public speaking, singing, or even beetle collecting. This week's episode features Christina Flach, who is a world-renowned celebrity hair and makeup artist based in Marin County, California. She is also the founder and CEO of her own makeup line, Pretty Girl Makeup. She also spreads awareness to a rare disease called "Sepsis", which affected her personal life in the past. This episode highlights the need for spreading awareness, the symptoms of sepsis, how some of your favorite celebrities act on set, fake Instagram pages, & washing away bad energy.Christina Flach 's social mediaInstagram: @christinaflachmakeupWebsite:
  • "The Sassy Man Apocalypse", Aries Spears, Eating Glizzy's & Making the Decision to Be Unbothered
    Episode 11 or fake Track 11 is back with a vengeance. Episode 11 unpacks being unbothered and what it actually takes to be like this. The episode highlights how black men are hated and attacked for literally everything they do with the phrase "sassy". Men can't go to brunch, be well groomed, or have a rebuttal without being called this. To better dissect unbotheredness, Izzy talks about Aries Spears & Tiffany Haddish outlandish pedophilia skit, eating glizzy's, and how being unbothered is a choice.
  • Should I Have Kids Right Now? Feat. 713-E (QLC-Track 10)
    Finally, the main arc of "Quarter Life Crisis the Album", comes to an end with an episode dedicated to kids and whether we should have them or not. Society constantly asks when people past a certain age are going to start having kids, and this episode should help to ease that uneasy feeling that young millennials may struggle with. The episode interviews 713-E, who is a Houston native/rapper & Izzy's video editor. The episode highlights how he found his rap name, babies that look like the Grinch, having children during inflation, how Toys R Us tried to play us, & being a how people already assume that E has a child or two!713 E 's social mediaInstagram: @the713lifestyle YouTube: @The 713 Lifestyle Twitter: @The713ELifestyle
  • Why Did I Get Married in My 20's? Feat. Ron (RBJ) (QLC-Track 9)
    Give me mine in Track 9! Izzy welcomes back for the hundredth time Ron, who is now an entrepreneur & self-love advocate. In this episode Ron reveals whether he is happy with his decision about getting married in his 20's. His exposes the importance of catering to one's wife and the need for God in a marriage. He goes into great detail about what it truly means to be a provider, who pays the bills in a marriage, & why this generation is so impatient. While discussing all of this, he still plugs his new brand about "self-love" & his how his journey with this has been. After this episode, it should be very clear on a decision to get married or if you need to wait just a little while longer.Ron 's social mediaInstagram: @ronbj_Apparel Instagram: @selflove_apWebsite:

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