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The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone

Podcast The Adventure Zone
Podcast The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone


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  • The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 13
    With their first proper mission under their belt, the crew of the Coriolis attempt a series of negotiations with mixed results. A night at the Cloaca forges new friendships, while morning at the Gills forges new ... enemyships.Additional music in this episode: "Piano Abstract" by Ubik; and "Intense Horror Music 01" by Magmi Soundtrack
  • The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 12
    The Infinite Clam: Part Six Amber, Devo and Zoox face off against foes both tangible and cerebral, within and without, ancient and new. The Infinite Clam's power is harnessed at great cost.Additional music in this episode: "Phased Drops" by Michael Carrier
  • The Adventure Zone Primer: Where to Start
    New to TAZ and not sure where to start? Start right here! A part of the MaxFun Block Party, Griffin, Travis, Justin, and Clint give the 101 on the different TAZ story arcs and give recommendations on which to listen to first!
  • The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 11
    The Infinite Clam: Part Five The crew of the Coriolis approach the anomaly that has trapped them in their current bivalve environ. Amber takes a dive. Devo exercises surprising restraint. Zoox experiences a metaphysical identity crisis.
  • The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 10
    The Infinite Clam: Part Four A surprising revelation about their enlarged environment sends Amber on a trip down memory lane. Unstable energies further discombobulate the Coriolis crew's sense of scale.Additional music in this episode: "PULL" by Nctrnm

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