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  • From A Slight Change of Plans: Civil Rights Icon Ruby Bridges
    We’re sharing a special episode from another podcast, A Slight Change of Plans, from Pushkin Industries. In this preview, civil rights icon Ruby Bridges shares what it was like to be the first African-American student to attend an all-white elementary school in Louisiana in 1960. Ruby was just six years old at the time, and it would be years before she fully appreciated her role in advancing civil rights in America. Hear the full episode, and more from A Slight Change of Plans, at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Ask Unladylike: Unvaxxed, Unfriended?
    Can friendship survive the vaccine divide? Is entering a male-dominated industry setting yourself up to fail and/or become the "Mom" of the workplace? It's a juicy grabbag of listener advice requests, and Cristen is coming in HOT. ~ This show is sponsored by Betterhelp. When you want to be a better problem solver, therapy can get you there. Visit today to get 10% off your first month. Get started with Issuu today for FREE or sign up for an annual premium account and get 50% off when you go to and use promo code UNLADYLIKE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Sexxxy Feet
    Cristen dips her toe into wikiFeet and FeetFinder on a quest to figure out why foot fetishes and feet pics are so hot right now. Then, professional dominatrix Miss Mae Ling schools her on the sex work of foot fetishes and what it takes to be a successful feet model. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Ask Unladylike: Feminist Guilt vs Weddings?
    Wedding bells and feminist guilt are in the air! Cristen answers three unladies' advice requests on WHY engagement rings, feminist wedding pressure and being the liberal daughter in-law. ~ Go to and download the Zocdoc app for FREE. Then start your search for a top-rated doctor today. Many are available within 24 hours. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • From The Loudest Girl in the World: What it Means to be on the Autism Spectrum
    We’re sharing a special preview of a new podcast, The Loudest Girl in the World. For years, journalist and podcast host Lauren Ober wasn’t all that jazzed about herself. She was always getting in trouble, she had a lot of sensory issues and her anxiety felt off the charts. And then, she found out why — she was autistic. The Loudest Girl in the World tells the story of Lauren’s journey to understand what it means to be on the autism spectrum and how to live life as a newly diagnosed autistic person. You can hear the full episode, and more from The Loudest Girl in the World, at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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