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Podcast The Moth
Podcast The Moth

The Moth


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  • The Moth Radio Hour: When the World Shifts
    In this hour, stories of seismic changes and subtle shifts—and the aftershocks left in their path. New perspectives on faith, family, and one's self. This episode is hosted by Brandon Grant, Director of Marketing at The Moth. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media. Hosted by: Brandon Grant Marlon James discovers his talent as a junior exorcist. Hannah Brennan learns there is wisdom in her body. While going through a divorce, Tricia Rose Burt finds comfort in her art. Kim Sykes recalls growing up in New Orleans with a complicated father.
  • 25 Years of Stories: Storytelling with Neil Gaiman
    This week, we learn about storytelling from Neil Gaiman. This episode is hosted by Michelle Jalowski. Host: Michelle Jalowski Storyteller: Neil Gaiman Interviewer: Catherine Burns
  • The Moth Radio Hour: Sailing on an Alien Sea
    In this hour we explore stories relating to STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering and MATH): we travel from the laboratories of the Antarctic to the icy seas of Saturn’s moon Titan - we learn that predisposition does not mean predestined and sometimes A is larger than C. This episode is hosted by Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media, the producer of this show. Hosted by: Jay Allison Storytellers: James McClintock a scientist researching at McMurdo Station, Antartica makes an interesting discovery. Lone Frank deep dives into personal genomics Dhaya Lakshminarayanan gets entangled in the language of math. Ellen Stofan sets her sights on exploring an alien sea.
  • The Moth Radio Hour: You Gone Learn
    In this hour, stories of education, illumination, or just being schooled. The lessons learned from communities new and old, on top of a glacier, and from children. This episode is hosted by Moth host Jon Goode. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media. Hosted by: Jon Goode Storytellers: Dan Souza teaches English and learns about Hungarian karaoke. Jen Rubin plans to be spontaneous. Matty Struski learns about resiliency, and slides. Diane Harari learns that piano recitals are child's play. Burnell Cotlon returns to the Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild the community he loves.
  • 25 Years of Stories: The UK and Ireland
    This week, we celebrate The Moth’s launch in the UK and Ireland with stories about an eventful vacation in Greece and a positive pregnancy test. This episode is hosted by Sara Barron. Host: Sara Barron Storytellers: Catherine Brophy Charlotte Mooney The story Sara Barron mentioned in the intro was Michael Such’s “Waiting To Go“:

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