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Podcast Snap Judgment

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  • Backstage II
    You know we had to go for Round 2! We’ve brought your favorite Snap storytellers from around the world Backstage again, sharing the real stories that bubble up when the stage lights go down. Dino Archie, Shannon Cason, Dr. Ray Christian, Joyce Lee, and Don Reed join Glynn to spar about problematic side dishes, code-switching, and skin-lightening cream. Big thanks and love to the whole crew! This episode contains some adult language. Produced by Nikka Singh & Regina Bediako, original score & sound design by Pat Mesiti-Miller Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 12 - Episode 38
  • Kismet - Snap Classic
    Two women set sail on a tiny boat, embarking on a journey to freedom that takes them across the globe. And a Hungarian composer dreams of changing the world… he did. STORIES From Russia With Love Two women, a tiny boat, the wide-open ocean… and kismet. Elena has written a book about their adventure, called Talking to the Moon. You can read the story on the couple’s website. This story contains scenes of violence against a same-sex couple, sensitive listeners please be advised. Produced by Liz Mak, original score by Leon Morimoto Gloomy Sunday Hungarian composer Rezso Seress dreamed of changing the world with his music… he did. This story discusses suicide, sensitive listeners please be advised. Produced and scored by Davey Kim Artwork by Teo Ducot Snap Classic - Season 8 Episode 28
  • Campfire Tales VIII
    It’s when the last glow of amber fades from the sky. When you can’t quite tell who approaches you on the dark path. When everyone starts to speak with lowered voices. That when you know… it’s time for Campfire Tales. This week, Spooked stories that will keep you up at night! A policeman experiences a sinister omen with deadly consequences. Crows set out to send a man warnings in Santa Fe. And it’s confirmed… all dogs do go to heaven. STORIES The Head We all know the old wives’ tales: don’t walk under a ladder or you’ll have bad luck; don’t step on the crack or you’ll break your mama’s back. Dan is about to discover another, more sinister omen… with deadly consequences. This story does contain graphic content, sensitive listeners please be advised. Thanks, Dan, for sharing your story with Spooked! Produced by Anne Ford, original score by Maryam Qudus A Murder of Crows Mike is pretty sure he’s going crazy. Every time he sees a crow, it seems like it’s trying to tell him something: to watch out, to beware. What are they trying to warn him of? Thank you, Mike, for sharing your story with Spooked! Produced by Alyia Yates, original score by Lauryn Newson All Dogs go to Heaven Sometimes, spirits reach out and ask us for help. And sometimes, they reach out to give us what we need, too. BIG thanks to, Kristin Kent, for sharing her story with Spooked! Produced by Zoë Ferrigno, original score by Moyses Nunez Artwork by Teo Ducot Do you need more stories that pass beyond the veil? Do you need more journeys through the Shadowland? Be afraid, because more Spooked storytelling awaits. Season 6 is out NOW! To hear 26 brand new episodes of #Spooked as they are released, subscribe to the Luminary channel on Apple Podcasts. Season 12 - Episode 36
  • “Solomon’s Sword” from This Land
    ALM – as referred to in court documents – is a Navajo and Cherokee toddler. When he was a baby, a white couple from the suburbs of Dallas wanted to adopt him, but a federal law said they couldn’t. So they sued. Today, the lawsuit doesn’t just impact the future of one child, or even the future of one law. It threatens the entire legal structure defending Native American rights. Today, from Crooked Media, we’re sharing the first episode of This Land Season 2. This episode touches on different kinds of trauma. Please take care of yourself while you listen. To hear the full series, subscribe now to This Land wherever you get your podcasts. Snap Spotlight - Season 12 - Episode 35
  • The Hired G.U.N.
    Sir Dyno is the Chicano Eazy-E, the king of lowrider car shows, an up-and-coming gangsta rapper straight outta Northern California. But when he gets the money to finance his next CD, he has no idea that the same music that made him a legend will also lead to his downfall. Thank you, David Rocha, for sharing your story with us! Thanks also to Sharon Rocha, Justin Berton & Julia Reynolds. David Rocha left prison in June 2009. He became a pastor and started a church in Modesto called House of Rest. This story featured the music of David Rocha, the original score is by Renzo Gorrio Produced by John Fecile Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 12 - Episode 34

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