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SModcast - Nooner

Podcast SModcast - Nooner
Podcast SModcast - Nooner

SModcast - Nooner


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  • 334 : Nyquil Chicken Breast in the Butt
    Marty is genuinely surprised that there are lies propagated on the internet. John practices the comedy callback. The two talk the state of animation, the anticipation of Andor, and mail sack stuff. Plus, John explains the comedy legend that is Bob Newhart. [email protected]
  • 333 : Harry Potter Is a Mary Ann
    Before John takes off on vacation from the inferno that is Los Angeles, he offers his opinions about "The Rings of Power", "John Wick", and the increased body count trend. He and Marty talk about philosophy, movie gripes, and more! Your opinions welcome: [email protected]
  • 332: Eating up Time
    Marty and John fill a couple of hours with mindless pontificating about canceling your favorite movies, bad filmmaking with Jamie Foxx, and science fiction, among other things. Enjoy and fill our goddamned sack, yo! [email protected]
  • 331: A Dad Joke Works!
    Somewhere in the podcast, John actually tells a funny dad joke. See if you can find it. Plus, there's talk about dealing with hopelessness, what's good to watch, the bullshit of tipping, and other fun stuff like floods! Where's your mail and why's our sack empty? [email protected]
  • 330: Happy Birthday Papa Kevin
    The MIRPs get in deep on so many topics tonight! The dumb Senate, poisonous propaganda, Beyonce, and some delicious mail sack offerings. We dissect the MCU and its place in mythology and have some good life and death discussion. Join in! [email protected]

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